Wednesday, January 19, 2011

At about 5pm today...I crashed and I burned. Lately, this has been a hard time of the day for me. Maybe it's just the point where my body has had enough. Anyway, I started feeling lethargic, grumpy, had very little motivation, and was thinking negatively. When this happens, things can go one of two ways....1) I can get frustrated with everyone and everything around me and make them miserable or 2) I can get some sleep. So, I'm proud to say, I handled it well. I looked at my sweet husband and said, "I'm not doing so well, I need to lay down for a bit." We've been married long enough that he knows exactly what I mean and he's smart enough:) to say, "No problem, go lay down. Whatever you need babe." I woke up a couple hours later a new person. It never ceases to amaze me how dependent I am on sleep (more so than the average Joe).

The moments I don't have anyone to help me get that sleep or get out of the house (alone) for a bit are the hard times. But, they can be good in a way. I learn to utilize important coping mechanisms like ice cream, exercise, uplifting music, or just plain getting outside.

Speaking of which, is anyone else just itchin' for Spring? I love being able to go outside (and send the kids outside:). I can't wait! I guess that's the good thing about cloudy cold Winter. We appreciate the sunny Spring (sappy metaphor intended).


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