Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I know that all brains are technically, well, mushy. But, I am convinced that my brain is mushier than most and I attribute it to having kids. With each kid my brain has come closer to the consistency of oatmeal (though I have no proof of this, I'm positive that if someone were to dissect me right now this hypothesis would be confirmed).

Not a day goes by that my mushy brain doesn't cause me to do silly things. A few days ago I walked in the door to greet my husband and cheerfully said to him, "Hi Mom!" (his confused expression was priceless). The mushy channels in my brain somehow reached back to middle school and found my mom. Who knows...maybe I was subconsciously wanting a snack like my mom used to make me when I got off the school bus.

I also consistently call my kids the wrong name. It would be one thing if I just called them their sibling's names, but they get called their aunt's names, their Dad's name, and sometimes a celebrity's name. I just never know what will come out of my mouth...and neither do they. 

Also add to the list of mushy brained behavior the typical lose your keys, forget your sunglasses are on your head, look frantically for your purse while holding it, and putting things in the fridge that definitely don't belong there. If only it stopped there. Since having the baby boss I've been prone to going out in public alone and freaking out because I think I left the baby in the car..."Calm down Mushy Brains, you are alone," I tell myself.

Mushy brains aren't just unique to me (as you all know). A family friend once told me she put her baby in it's car seat and placed the car seat on top of her car while she put other items in the car. Her mushy brain forgot  the baby was on the car and she proceeded to drive a block with baby on the roof (true story). Thankfully the baby wasn't harmed and, in fact, lived to adulthood (it's a miracle any of us do). 

Recently, another friend told me that he and his wife were rushing around preparing for a trip. They got their older son strapped in the car, hopped in and started to back out when the tire got stuck on something. Yup, the baby in it's car seat had stopped the wheel. Thankfully, Graco builds their car seats like tanks (they're heavy aren't they?) and no harm was done. Darn you mushy brains! You reek havoc everywhere (I'm convinced God compensates for mushy brains and mistakes...thank goodness)!

But there is an upside to our brains going to mush. Think about your own parents. They are a little nutty...uninhibited some may say. They will dance with the grand kids no matter who is looking, drive with curlers in their hair, sing aloud to their hearts content, and generally have a lot more fun than the rest of us. I feel myself morphing into this uninhibited being. And, well, I kind of like it. 

The problem with being totally uninhibited is that it can be bad for my blond halo mentioned in a previous post. I am often in white trash mom mode while at home and my hair can look quite greasy...yikes. Yesterday, just as I was thinking of taking a shower (My lopsided greasy ponytail hung limply on my head and my stinky spit up stained shirt was starting to bother me) my husband looked at me and said, "You are so beautiful." Now, it may have been his mushy brains talking, but I don't care. I love the hubby. 

Now I'm off to get my head out of the clouds and into the shower. May your mushy brains keep you blissfully unaware of your greasy hair!

(disclaimer: I blame all grammatical errors and typos on my brains of mush.)



  1. Ha. I"m working from home today reading this while in static cling to the max sweats (blue) and red socks. My hair is in a lopsided ponytail. I brought Shaun lunch and he said "I hope no one sees you coming out of my studio". :)

  2. I love the blue sweats/red socks combo. I literally laughed out loud!! It's amazing how much pregnancy makes you not care! You should wear something far more embarrassing next time you go to the studio:). Maybe two lopsided ponytails and mismatched socks.

  3. Oh is that what's called? Great there is a name for my disease. Thanks for helping me understand what my problem is...

  4. Wow its nice knowing your not the only I usually venture out to get the kids trying to look "half way" normal and dread being caught out with the way I look at home. Well I ventured out with fuzzy slippers, neon pink sweat pants and a cap on. Needless to say, my mom had forgotten my nephew at school and I had to rush and get him after I left my son's parent pick up line. I was late and had to get out of my car to go into the office. Thank God for big sunglasses! I was petrified and burned that pair of clothes as to never get caught in them again.


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