Wednesday, January 26, 2011

 Yesterday was a really good day until about 9:30 pm when my brain decided it had had enough. The hubby has been sick so I haven't had as much of his help and my body ached from doing everything with a baby in my arms (cooking, cleaning, typing, etc.). When I finally was able to go to bed (around midnight) my mind decided to have a party and keep me awake. On and off all night I hovered in that place between sleep and awake with weird dreams. My anxiety often manifests itself by keeping my mind awake even if I'm exhausted (Another lesson people need to learn: Anxiety is often not a fear of something, but a variety of other symptoms like racing thoughts). Finally I fell into a deep sleep around 7:30 am. I slept through the alarm, which was right by my ear, and woke up with ten minutes to get Sassafras and the Commander ready for school, put the unfed baby in the car seat,  scrape the ice from my windshield and drive the neighbor's kids to school. Thanks to adrenaline, everyone made it on time. But, my nerves were shot and I did something extreme people...

With the baby in tow I drove to the closest McDonald's drive through and purchased a large value Coke. Yup, no caffeine free, no diet folks...straight up. For a Mormon, that's equivalent to having some hard liquor in the morning. I was desperate. So, Coke in hand, I took a sip...NO! It was diet. That would never do. As I turned around to re-enter the drive through, I saw an enormous line (maybe some other parent's had had a similar morning). The fussy baby and I would never make it through such a long wait. So, I pulled baby boss and his tank of a car seat out of the Burb (what we lovingly call our hideous Suburban) and marched into McDonald's. 

I must interject that there were good reasons I originally went through the drive through. 1) I had a baby in the car (everyone knows how annoying it is to take the baby out to run an errand) 2) I was, once again, in white trash mom the max (thank goodness for hats!). 3) The baby boss was wearing "The Frog" outfit (see image below) originating somewhere in the 70's. The "last resort" jammies only worn when all other laundry is dirty. But, I digress.
Nothing would keep me from my fix. So, I walked right past the cashier, emptied my diet coke in the trough below the refill spouts, and filled my cup with the good stuff. I waited patiently for the fizz to go down. I wasn't messin' around. I would fill that cup to the brim. I turned around and left, sipping my Coca-Cola with an extra spring in my step.

When I turned on the car radio my friend Natasha Bedingfield came on (Oh, you didn't know I was friend's with Natasha? Yup, she's my hip British pal. Okay, so I don't know her, but in my imagination we're tight). Her song "Unwritten" blasted a cheerful beat through my speakers and, with Coke now coursing through my veins, lifted my spirits. I came home and found the "Unwritten" video on YouTube (which I put below for your listening/viewing pleasure), cranked up the volume, and danced with the baby boss (you can too, no one is looking...).
Natasha, my friend, you are right. The rest of my day is unwritten and I'm going to make it a good one.
Hope you all can do the same!

PS- I will soon be adding Natasha to my playlist to your right (which is not on auto play as not to annoy you). All of the songs on my playlist correspond with a previous post. See if you can match them.



  1. I had so much fun reading this post!

  2. Gina, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

  3. Jody... I cannot tell yo how many times, I had moment like this. "Screw it, I'm having a coke." I totally understand. And I am sure I will have many more of those moments coming may. When I have 3 under 5. I might just order a coke machine for the house.


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