Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I came across this picture today and it brought me back to the day I saw Britney's buzzed head splattered all over the TV.

Journalists were having a field day with her shocking new do. It was quite ridiculous, but instead of shaking my head in dismay at another crazy celebrity, I got tears in my eyes. Rich celebrity or not, I knew she had to be really suffering to do something so extreme. 
She had two babies so close together and was probably quite chemically imbalanced because of it. Add to that a possible predisposition (I'm only guessing here) to depression and constant public scrutiny, I'd pull my hair out too (she was smart and took the less painful route). I found myself quite protective of this seemingly silly pop star.
Truthfully, I'm quite protective of mothers/women everywhere who struggle to have a stable emotional foundation (I focus mostly on mothers/women because I am one and that's what I relate too. Fathers/men definitely have their challenges too). I've also become quite good at spotting a suffering mother or woman (no buzzed head necessary). I cringe in empathy when I see a disheveled mother in the grocery store snapping at her children or someone sitting in church staring blankly into space. There are many times I will ask a friend how they are doing and they give the obligatory, "Good...good, " but I know better. What is our obsession with masking reality? I've found that when it comes to sharing my struggles with others it's not that I'm embarrassed of myself, but I don't trust that the people around me will understand/get it. For many, depression is way to personal to share and then be misunderstood or labeled as "depressed." Depression is only one small piece of a person's life. Here's a message to people who don't struggle with depression or another chemical imbalance..."HAVING DEPRESSION DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE CONSTANTLY DEPRESSED!"
 So much of life is still so sweet so please don't go shaving your heads people...it will make me cry.


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