Monday, January 24, 2011

Yay! Here are the winners of the head warmers.
(I'm a sucker and four people emailed me very close together so I'm allowing four winners).

WINNER #1: Shannon (A high school friend)

To chase winter blues Shannon says you should...

1. Diet - Make sure you are eating healthy to get all of your vitamins and nutrients. Give yourself the best headstart.

2. Sunlight - Open your curtains. Try to get as much natural sun light as possible. Even a little natural sun light can brighten ones mood.

3. Activities- Try to do at least one activity a week that makes you happy. Winter keeps us inside alot more than most of us would like to be, so getting out, even with layers on, can help you feel better.

WINNER #2: Diana (A Florida friend)

Diana says...

"I know I live in Florida and it's not that cold but it's cold to me. I'm looking forward to summer already.
This is what I do. Visit this site called 

I enjoy watching and listening to the scene wishing I was there.

I also have been drinking a lot of hot chocolate."

WINNER #3: Lindsey (A college friend)

Lindsey suggests...

First, on days you are depressed about the winter, do something fun with it!
1. Make homemade icecream with snow! the kids love it and it gives you something to do with that cold white stuff! 

2. Cuddle up and make the day a movie day. Pick a fun show everyone can enjoy. Cover the floor with blankets and pillows, make popcorn, and enjoy!

3. Plan a fun night out with your husband! Days and days stuck inside can really get you down so a fun night out could be just what you need! 

WINNER #4: Amanda (a childhood friend)

Amanda chases the winter blues away by...

1. Cuddling one of my babies, and not thinking about all of the other things I need to "do".

2. Eating warm chocolate chip cookies, a glass of wine, and The Bachelor (can you tell what I'm doing tonight?)

3. Locking myself in the bathroom to be left alone to paint my toes :)

Thank you ladies for participating and for the great suggestions! Check your email for more information regarding your prize. I'm so glad that I can fight the winter blues by crocheting these for you.

I have the best followers ever!


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