Monday, January 31, 2011

Some people have asked me why I do these give aways. "Do you have sponsors?" they say. Um, no. I do it because a lot of my readers are just like me and need a little pick me up every once in a while. Simple as that. The End.

So, the winners of the e.l.f. eye shadow make-up brush  are.

1) Vanessa M.

-She said, "We love to go out to eat, and with the kids, it can get expensive. We made it a game to find places where the whole family can have a decent meal for less then 15 dollars. Lunch menus are great, so often I meet hubby for lunch. We share a meal and drink and the kids get water. We are pretty much able to eat anywhere this way.

-I have found that in bigger cities they have a market called The Harvest. This is a place where damaged items or items that didn't sell well at the super markets go to. They have anything from make up to diapers, and even foods that are close to expiring. They also have free bread for those who go. The one near you may not be called The Harvest, but it's SOOOO worth looking for one around.

-I am not ashamed to admit that Good Will is my little obsession. All of my children's clothes come from there. This is great for 2 reasons... It's cheap and if they get holes or destroyed I am not panicking about how much they cost. Also, here every first Saturday everything is 50% off. So, if you can fight the crowed, it's a great deal.

2) Rhonda H.

-When my conditioner runs out and I still have a little bit of shampoo left in the bottle, I will use it as shave gel. It works just as good and It doesn't irritate my skin.

-Many women love to go and get facials and manicures. I can't afford it so I do my own. I use Freeman cucumber facial peel, and pure ice nail polish. Both are less than $3 each. So I get a mani/facial for under $6.

-I have another free site to edit I love it.

-This is a common one...I smuggle my own snacks in the movies.

-I use Sun-In and a hair dryer when I want highlights in my hair.

3) Kayla T.

-When you're cooking and you have smaller kids, make sure you have things on a lower shelf or drawer they can play with, whether it be kitchen utensils, bowls, anything. It takes alot of stress off!

-Also, i get a 1 to 2 year calendar every year and every time something special happens or I did something I write it in there. Then I can look back 2 years later and see what I did on the same day 2 years before. It's really kinda neat!

-For cheap, seriously go to Hobby lobby, they have such cool things for such great prices!!

-Make a menu for the week - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although breakfast and lunch aren't as important, it's nice to know what you're having and you won't spend extra at the grocery. You will always know in the evening whats for dinner, instead of standing in front of the door wondering what to have (saves tons of time)!!

-Also, I have a noteboook that I buy at the Dollar Store and I use it for my "schedule" for the day (the things I'd LIKE to get accomplished or things I know I NEED to get accomplished). It really gives me satisfaction seeing things crossed off! I also write in it when I think of something I need, etc. It's certainly my best companion!! ;-)

I'd also like to throw in a reminder from my momma. She said, "One of my favorite cheap things is the library. Great entertainment, often free kids' programs and adult programs, movies, stories on CD, you name it." 

Ladies, you are great! Thanks for the input and I will be sending your eyeshadow brushes this week (Make sure you email me your address at


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