Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I am sitting here eating a home made chocolate chip cookie (and it's a good thing because I just deleted this entire post and have to retype it). It occurs to me that this classic cookie has great powers. There aren't many problems that can't be improved with a good ol' CCC. The process of creating them is comforting from beginning to end. The simple ingredients are always on hand, they are easy to make, the dough is delectable, and the smell is super. It's also a great way to spend time with someone you love.
   When I make CCC's I think of my mom and tornadoes. "Tornadoes?" you ask. Growing up, weather conditions were often ripe for tornadoes. I remember one particular summer day when the sky got very dark and the air grew very still. My mom came outside and told us to come inside because a funnel cloud had been spotted not too far away. I hated tornadoes, not just for the obvious reasons, but because it meant I would have to go down into the dreaded dungeon (aka basement). This was not a place we children went voluntarily. It was cold, dark, damp, and smelled funny. But, it was safe so that's where we went that day. My mom laid down a blanket and we waited. I was scared. After a few seconds of sitting, my mom shouted, "Shoot, I left cookies in the oven!" We giggled as she ran up the stairs. I heard the clanging of pans and soon she brought down warm chocolate chip cookies. She continued to go up and down those stairs baking more cookies. My mom's normal act of baking cookies in an abnormal situation was very soothing. I don't remember being scared after that. Whether it be a tornado, a bad day, for a friend in need, or just because they sound good...CCC's are comforting and often a great solution to a problem.
   I can't count how many times my mom and I made those cookies. She patiently taught me how to measure ingredients when I was small and eventually I could make them on my own. Now I make this treat with my kiddos. I often get frustrated when my kids "help" me cook or bake, but not with CCC's. Some incredible force creates a wonderful baking atmosphere. One of patience and smiles (See, the all mighty CCC is magic).

   After a fitful night's sleep (and I use the term "sleep" loosely) I wanted to do something that would start the day off right. So, I sent Sassafras off to school and asked the Commander if he would like to make chocolate chip cookies. His giant grin confirmed this was a perfect idea. And it was...perfect. As we mixed, the CCC's worked their magic. Even baby boss sat contentedly in his high chair.

   I imagine you too have experienced the power of a chocolate chip cookie. Maybe you could make some with someone special today. If you do, I have three tips for you. 1) Use only real butter and make sure it's unsalted. 2) Try a darker brown sugar. 3) Chill the dough before you bake and in between batches. If you live close by, come grab a cookie!


  1. I love baking days... However in our house is maple and brown sugar malt muffins. They love to help. It's also the only time I can get hubby in the kitchen helping with anything. We baked some last night at 11 pm. Just because we couldn't sleep and wanted something sweet. YUM!!!

  2. Making me hungry, and if there weren't watercolors all over my table from teaching a lesson, I'd be making some now! Hmmm....forgot about the tornado. I just know I had my priorities in the right place

  3. I find baking CCCs therapeutic, too. We should swap recipes. Kudos to you for using real butter, and brown sugar made from cane sugar! (I'm kind of a CCC snob. :)

  4. Vanessa, I need your malt muffin recipe.
    Mom, you always have your priorities straight.
    Gina, yes let's swap. I'm a snob too:)


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