Sunday, February 13, 2011

This morning's breakfast muffins.
  A few years ago, on the eve of Valentine's Day, I said to the Hubby, "I'm so excited! Cupid comes tonight for Sassafras (She had grown to an age where holidays were starting to be fun for her.)."To this day I have never seen a more quizzical look on the Hubby's face than I did then. He replied with a very confused, "What are you talking about?" I gasped. "You know...Cupid comes the night before Valentine's Day for kids. Didn't Cupid come for you growing up?" Amidst bursts of laughter he said, "No Jody. And I've never heard of Cupid coming on Valentine's Day Eve."
  I was so shocked. Growing up, Cupid came the night before Valentine's Day and left us gifts and treats. My sisters and I would wake up early the next morning excited to see what the chubby cherub left for us. I couldn't imagine this not happening for my husband or anyone else for that matter. Of course I eventually realized it was my sweet mom doing this for us, but I always assumed this was what every household did for Valentine's Day. Obviously, I assumed this all the way until my daughter was young (So, into my early twenties). Okay, now you're laughing too. Go ahead...ha, ha, ha. Laugh it up.
  I have continued this tradition with my kiddos. Every Valentine's Day Eve I set up little treats and a special breakfast on the table. I also write them love notes. One year they woke up to hearts hanging all over their beds and room. This morning they opened their bedroom door to find the floor covered with Valentine balloons. Sassafras also lost another top tooth so she got a special Valentine tooth fairy surprise (The Hubby stayed up late folding a dollar into a heart that held a quarter. It was so cute).
   My daughter's friend from next door came over this morning before school and said, "Oh man. I wish Cupid came to my house." So, my kids may grow up with a weird tradition that leaves them ignorant into adulthood, but hey, they feel special. I hope that each of you feel loved and special today, because you are. Happy Valentine's Day!
This is midway through the huffing and puffing.
Gifts from Cupid.


Yesterday was the first day I actually made progress (try, try again, right?). I ate a lot less sugar, more veggies, and more water. Today, I'm going to be even more strict. Work outs start tomorrow. It never ceases to amaze me how physical goals must be preceded by a lot of mental preparation.


Saturday, the Hubby and I went to indoor skydiving and dinner with some good friends and had a great time (shout out to Rachel and Paul:). It reminded me how important it is to do things with your spouse that are outside the box and how fun it is to experience new things together. The drive on Saturday was over an hour long so we got a chance to just talk without kids and enjoy the Utah scenery.

PS- Here is a picture of what I walk outside and see every day. Beautiful!


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  1. Love that you are not only continuing a grand tradition, but embellishing it!
    Love you and the family so much!


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