Saturday, February 19, 2011

  It's been a long time since I've used my gym pass. The baby boss isn't old enough to go to the gym day care so I'm limited to running, my elliptical, or an at home DVD. I typically hate home DVDs, but I've been bored with running so I bought Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD and boy did she hurt me. Jillian kicked my trash in 25 minutes. And I loved it! 

  I am not a patient person. I don't want a DVD with any slow segments or complicated moves. Just make me sweat, push me hard, and get it over with. Well, Jillian did just that and now I'm hurting. I actually really like that. It means it was a good workout. So, when I'm done writing this post I have another date with Jillian, sore body and all.

  Is this post annoying? Isn't it kind of annoying when you read about someone exercising and eating right when you aren't? If I'm not in a get healthy phase, I really don't want to hear about how well everyone else is doing. That's because I know I should be doing it. So, go ahead and be annoyed with me, but I'm sharing this info. for your own good. To annoy you until you join me (misery loves company:).

  I've also been getting messages from some of you about suggestions on healthy foods. I've loved testing out these suggestions. My friend Lindsey V. told me to try these foods.

1. Agave nectar: It's sweeter than sugar and has a low glycemic impact; great for oatmeal with strawberries.

2. Turkey pepperoni: All of the flavor, minus the majority of the fat! I think it is 17 pieces per serving for about 70 calories. Pair it with skim mozzarella on a whole grain sandwich thin (also a favorite!) for a mini pizza substitute. When I have fresh tomatoes, I toss some on too.

3. Marzetti Light Ranch dressing (found in the refrigerated produce section in a glass jar): by far the BEST tasting. 2 tablespoons is 80 cal (a little goes a long way). Their light veggie dips are also good. Ken's Steakhouse also has a great Light Honey Mustard.

4. Fresh angel hair cabbage: I think it's made by Fresh Express. I make the majority of my salads with cabbage or spinach and boiled eggs. Cabbage is a good source for vitamin C and I think spinach has calcium and folic acid.

5. Clif Mojo: Yummy granola bars with low glycemic impact.

6. Lara Bars: Also tasty and made with only whole products and spices (there are usually only 4-6 ingredients like dried dates, almonds, dried cherries, etc). My favorite flavor is cherry pie.

Thanks for the suggestions Lindsey! I would love to hear from more of you (that means I get to do more food testing...sweet!).

This morning I had one of my favorite breakfasts. Plain oatmeal with banana slices, honey, skim milk, and cinnamon. So, if nothing else, at least I started my day off right. 

  Unfortunately, it's time to go meet up with Jillian. You should go work out too, then next time you won't be so annoyed with me, or are you annoyed with yourself? Hmmm.



  1. I've decided that you should go into advertising. I just bought the 30 Day Shred on Amazon. :)

  2. Victoria, let me know what you think:).

  3. Now I totally want to try the 30 day shred. But I probably won't. I LOVE Almond Extract on my oatmeal. You just need a drop and it adds SO much flavor! Add a little skim milk and it's like a super yummy treat. :)

  4. I've tried the really is as good as they say, and I don't get a "crash" like I do with sugar. Also am learning to love almond milk...40 calories a cup with all the vitamin D and calcium! Without hurting my stomach. Coconut milk is likewise an interesting substitute. HATE soy milk. My mouth feels like I've swallowed liquid plastic afterward.

    As for Jillian, I don't see our paths crossing in the near future. I deplore pain.

  5. I read your post while I was eating M&M's at 10:30 p.m. Maybe I should have a play date with Jillian too!

  6. I will consider letting Jillian hurt me, but as for the "healthy" food suggestions..... i just can't do it jody!

  7. Manda-Almond exract on oatmeal? genius.

    Mom-Where in the store can you find Agave?

    Becky- M&M's and being on the computer seem to go so well together don't they?

    Jamie- I know I will never convert you to veggies:).


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