Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you are having a great and restful day in preparation for monstrous Monday. My day has been filled with church, baking cookies, and watching my kids jump on the couch.

The Commander and Sassafras hanging upside down to rest
from their couch jumping.
They take a running start, jump on a pile of cushions, and spring board over the arm of the couch. On the way back to the starting line they grab a spoonful of cookie dough. Did I mention they are making a complete mess and having entirely too much sugar?  I honestly don't care. It makes me happy just watching them enjoy these simple pleasures.

I am convinced that right now there are children all over the world jumping on couch cushions. There are some universal games that transcend all languages and geographical boundaries. Throwing couch cushions on the floor and strategically jumping on them as to avoid the hot lava coursing beneath; Sliding in a sleeping bag down the stairs; Jumping on the bed; Wrapping your sibling up like a burrito in every blanket you have; Scaling a door frame like Spiderman; Climbing a tree; Making mud pies. The list goes on.

It's easy to always want more, more, more. Watching my kids find the fun in the mundane helps me remember to make the best of what I have and that simple is oh so good.

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