Wednesday, February 16, 2011

  I never really plan what I'm going to write on this blog. I wake up each day and kind of work from what I've been thinking about. Well, let me tell you what I'm thinking about this morning...a whole lot of nothin! That's because my mushy brains have taken over after two nights of no sleep. The past couple of nights have been so weird. I go through a cycle of hot, then cold, then flipping from side to side, then I feel like I need to pee, then I pee, then I drift off to sleep, then the baby boss wakes up, then I go back to sleep, have weird dreams and repeat the aforementioned. I feel as though I am always tired.

  I'm doing what I can to help the process improve. I've been working out to tire my body and reading to calm down before bed, but it hasn't been working. Who knows what's going on inside my wacked out body. Oh well, eventually I'll become so exhausted that I will fall into a coma like state. I really look forward to that.

  It's amazing how weariness will throw all standards for appearance out the window. This morning was my turn to take my kids, and three neighbor girls to school. Usually, I attempt to not completely embarrass my kids by putting on jeans and brushing my hair. But, this morning, I just did not care. Picture this. Me with yesterday's mascara smeared under my eyes, blond messy hair sticking out from my go to black hat, pink plaid pajama pants tucked haphazardly into my generic UGG like boots, a bright blue Hurley t-shirt, and my faux fur lined jacket. The only thing more hideous would have been if toilet paper were sticking out of the back of my pants (For all I know, it was.). On our way out the door, Sassafras looked at me and said, "Rough morning, huh Mom?" I only had the energy to nod.

  In the car on the way to school, my daughter was showing off her new boots to her friends (Which, I admit are dang cute.) and would not listen as I told her to buckle her seat belt. I said, "Who is not listening to Mommy?" She gasped and replied, "Don't say "Mommy"! It's so embarrassing." I became a little giddy from lack of sleep and said, "Mommy wuvs you so much and Mommy will always wuv her wittle girl. Please buckle up for Mommy or else Mommy will not stop saying Mommy (giggles from the neighbor girls)." She sat down and buckled her seat belt in silence (Point for Mommy).

   As I entered the line of cars for drop off at the girl's school, I pulled up behind a shiny white BMW. Out of the driver's side came a petite mommy with black leggings covering her toned legs. Her feet were adorned in real UGGs, I might add. She had Coach sunglasses on and her daughter's clothes were more expensive than mine. I sighed to myself as the girls exited the Burb. Who are these genetic anomalies who look good no matter what? And where do they come from? Maybe there really is life on other planets.

  Next, I walked the Commander into preschool (pink plaid pants and all). Fortunately, his sweet teachers are so focused on keeping kids from picking their noses they probably didn't notice my horrid appearance.

  As I re-entered the Burb, the baby boss sat quietly in his car seat so I took advantage of his good behavior by making a trip. Yup, straight to get a Diet Coke (Hey, at least it was diet). I sucked on that puppy like it was my life line and just sat in the car staring at the mountains. Breathe in, breath out, take a sip, breathe in, breathe out, take a sip. I started to feel some normalcy and drove home.

  The baby boss now sleeps as I write this blog post in pleasant silence. I feel good knowing that as you picture my appearance you may feel better about yourself. That's what I'm here make you feel good (Say good bye to low self-esteem.). If you would like a bigger self-esteem boost please come over to my home and look at the mess. You're home will look great in comparison. Here's to your self-esteem (I'm raising my glass of Diet Coke to you).

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  1. Yup, it was a COKE day for us too. Love my liquid black gold. We all have our PJ days, but lately I may have had way tooo many of them. Your nights sound like mine. I take Tylenol PM once a week, thats as many times as my dr. allows it. or else I be on it every night. You should try some, it may put you into that glaze sleep faster... Hope you get some sleep tonight.

  2. You should try listening to soothing sounds. Sometimes I'm too wound up after work to just go to sleep so I'll take a hot shower & listen to the sound of rain I downloaded...if that doesn't work, taking a half or quarter of Dramamine does! :P


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