Tuesday, February 1, 2011

   Holy fricken cow I'm tired. Today has been another Coca Cola straight up day with a little frick in the mix. Let me translate. Just as Coke for a Mormon is like whiskey to everyone else, if I say frick, the word frick is like, you know what, to everyone else (Does that even make sense? Mushy brains strikes again!).
   Sick boys + sick hubby + nocturnal daughter =  fricken tired mommy. But, this morning I was determined to get some things done despite my zombie like state. So, I called and begged my pediatrician to fit Baby Boss and the Commander into his schedule today...success! Or so I thought. An hour later, my stomach started to feel a little funny. "No, no, no! This can't be!" I thought to myself. But, my stomach continued to flip flop around and I knew I had a bug. I called the doctor back and canceled. And did I mention I have major PMS (I think I just said bye bye to my one male reader. Sorry! TMI?)? 
   So, I've lowered my standards for what I will accomplish today. I will let all unnecessary cleaning go (Oh wait. That's nothing new.); Okay, I refuse to fold the laundry (Shoot, I rarely do that either.); Oh, oh I know! I won't exercise like a maniac (Ha! That's just funny. The baby boss never let's me do that.). Hmmm, I'm sure there's got to be something I can let go to make my day easier. 
   I've got it! Today I will not feel guilty for not accomplishing the above things. Now that is something I don't let slide every day. 
  Today's circumstances are something many of you can relate too and some days are just ugly my friends. We can't change that. My day will still be filled with coughs, runny noses, an upset stomach, and a messy apartment (aka closet). But, it begins and ends with my son saying to me, "Mommy, I love you to Heaven and back a million trillion times." Now that is anything but ugly.


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