Wednesday, February 2, 2011

   Yesterday Whiny McWhinerson possessed my body and forced me to complain. I swear it wasn't my fault. But, today the puking has subsided and that alone makes it a lovely day. Nothing like a bout of sickness to make normal life seem oh so pleasant.
   Seriously, there's a positive energy in the air today making the ordinary seem extraordinary. The baby's coos are cuter than cute and my four year old's art is better than Van Gogh (see the Lovely letter "L" he made me as a Valentine:). Even perusing Facebook seemed a little more uplifting than usual. One friend posted some simple things she's grateful for today. I would like to do the same. 


1) Heat (It's cold out there!)
2) My Lovely Letter L Valentine (Cutest thing ever!).
3) An Outback gift certificate to use this Friday with the Hubby (Mmm...Outback and for free! Sweet).
4) A sister and brother-in-law willing to watch our kids so we can use the gift certificate (Freedom! Also for free).
5) Lysol disinfectant spray (I will kill every nasty germ in my apartment if it's the last thing I do).
6) Plumbing (What would make having a stomach bug worse? No toilet). 
7) Friends who took my daughter to school today and will bring her back home (No venturing into the great out doors for me).
8) The Bachelor (Dear ABC, Thank you for providing me with such a ridiculous guilty pleasure. Ten Barbies, one Ken. Plastic heads are bound to roll and I just...can't...look...away). 
9) Hulu (I can watch The Bachelor episodes without a baby screaming in my ear). 
10) My eliptical machine (No one sees me work out in white trash mode).
11) A hubby who takes baby boss duty all night long so I can sleep (Enough said).

What are you grateful for today? Right in this moment? I know many of you are going through some challenging things right now and it's hard to see the good. But, think of the last big challenge you had. You made it through it, didn't you? Remember that. You've done hard before and you can do it again. And it's some of the simple things that will help you get through it. 

I'm going to spend the rest of the day mulling over ideas for New Year's resolutions (I know it's February. I never ever start until January is over. That's one less month I have to fail:). 

Have a lovely day.



  1. Jody I love your writing and your honesty I really truly loved this! Thanks for the pick me up today!

  2. Thanks for the pick me up Jody. It IS the small things that matter. I am thankful for family. No matter how stressful it may get. I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who forgives me more than I can at times. I am thankful for having what I need even if I dont have all my wants. I am thankful for Florida...bugs and all. I am thankful for the church, cant imagine what I would be without it. I am thankful for lift my spirits up when I am down. Thank you :)


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