Saturday, February 26, 2011

As you've read my blog, have you found yourself slowly falling in love with my Hubby? Do you ask yourself, "Is she for real? Is her Hubby really that great?"

1) He really is that great and then some. 2) It's okay that you secretly love him. I understand why.

If you read my post yesterday then you know my day was not pretty. The Hubby had been texting me all day to make sure I was doing okay (Awww). As soon as he got home he took over. He spent some time talking with me and then took the baby boss, Sassafras, and the Commander to McDonald's play land so I could nap.

I've mentioned this before, but usually when my anxiety is high I can't sleep no matter how tired I am. Yesterday was no different. I tried so hard to will myself to sleep, but my neurotransmitters rebelled. I laid there for about 45 minutes, but my mind only grew more awake.

So, I got up and worked out. I dragged my weary body into the living room and willed my muscles to move. Sooooo glad I did.

The next thing I did was probably not the best decision, but I don't regret it. I drove and got a cheeseburger and my favorite fries. I dipped my fries in my favorite ranch dressing and then finished my meal with a candy bar chaser.

My diligent adherence to the past weeks healthy diet made the above food items taste glorious. They were a real treat (Exactly what those foods are supposed to be...a treat).

After swinging by the store to get some NyQuil (I had to bring in the big guns) I came home and helped get the kiddos in bed.

My amazing man took baby duty all night so I could sleep blissfully in NyQuil Coma. I even slept in! I woke up feeling so much better and when I walked out of my bedroom smiling my husband said, "That smile's what I love to see."

In Just a little while he will be taking all three kids to his friend's house to play Wii and work on some man project. He insists on taking the baby. "It's no bid deal babe," he says, "Baby boss likes to go and watch the kids play Wii," he adds. "Just go get a pedicure and enjoy yourself."

Yes, he is for real. No, he isn't cheating on me and trying to cover his guilt by overcompensating. No, he isn't a weak loser push-over. He's a hard working man. Yes, he is mine. Yes, I am grateful. Our ten year anniversary is coming up soon and I love him more than ever.

Here's to all the good men out there.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Three cheers for great husbands!!! And there's nothing better than a Nyquil coma!

  2. He sounds a lot like my man! In fact, Duncan came home the other evening and said, "You should get out by yourself." He fed the kids, bathed them and put them to bed while I went shopping. Dreams do come true!


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