Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am well aware that my blog's target audience is women. But, ladies, you are not alone. It seems you aren’t the only ones reading my ramblings.

 I have some mystery men who read my posts too. Wait, wait, wait my mystery men. Don't run away. I don't know who you are. Though I know that some men read my blog, (How? That's my secret.) I have no way of knowing your identity. And that's okay. I kind of like it that way. You can anonymously creep on my blog all you want. In fact I wrote a poem just for you.

My mystery men you are so dear.
You can read my blog without any fear.
It's okay that you read my blog now and then.
Mysterious guys, you are still real men.
Your secret is safe so, please keep reading
and your curiosity I will keep feeding.
Cheers to you my mystery men.
You are an eleven on a scale of ten.

Thanks for the mysterious love (wink).


1 comment:

  1. hahaha well gee No one has ever written me a poem before.


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