Friday, February 18, 2011

Well, today has been a bad morning gone good. I woke up late, again, and had to rush everyone out the door for school. This rushing occurred with too much gruffness on my part (Pang of guilt). I thought, "Oh boy, today is going to be a challenge." But, I cheerfully hugged and kissed my kids as they ran off to school (I love that they are still at an age where they like X's and O's.) and came home to a fresh start. The baby boss went right to sleep for his morning nap (He is still sleeping...sweet!).

I also turned on the computer to find two things I love. 1) An email from a blog follower that I have never met and 2) A friend who has started her own blog to share her talents.

The email was from a sweet young mother who shared her struggles with me. This is why I started this blog and it is so great to hear from my readers. I often wish we could all live close to one another. I would have a monthly party where we snack and chat about life. We would all be the best of friends and you would each realize you are not alone in your struggles (Can you tell that I'm an idealist?).

Though we can't physically get together I do have an idea. We can read together. I'm going to start a DHBH book club. Those of you who know me, know that I looooooove to read! So, I'm taking suggestions for the first book. Please share your thoughts and suggestions on the Depression hurts. Blogging helps. Facebook page found here. I would love for each of you to comment on each other's suggestions so I can get an idea of what is appealing to the most people. If you feel more comfortable emailing me, please do. Don't let me down people. I want to go to Barnes & Noble stat (Before they close due to bankruptcy:) and peruse your suggestions.

On to the second lovely thing waiting on my computer this morning. My friend's new blog. My friend Brooke is one of those girls who always, and I mean always, has an immaculate house. She just had twins, has a preschool age son, and I guarantee you her house still looks amazing (Sickening...I know). Anyway, she has a passion for interior design and is going to be sharing her ideas on her blog. You can find her blog by clicking here.

Speaking of interior design, I have been hunting for some cute throw pillows at a reasonable price. But, every time I find one I like it ends up being 30-50 dollars (Yeah, not gonna happen.). So, I had an idea. Find cute place mats and make throw pillows out of them (You all know how I love throw pillows. See this related post).

Here are the place mat pillows I made yesterday (Please excuse the low quality photos. They were taken with my iPhone because the Hubby took our camera to work today).

The back pillow cover looks denim, but it is actually
an aqua blue. These are two colors I have in my
living room decor.

If you can sew a straight line then you can make these pillows. Go to any store (I got the front place mat at Target and used some material I had at home for the back). and find four place mats you like. Pin two place mats right sides together and sew around all edges leaving a 1/3 inch edge and a five to six inch opening for turning right side out and stuffing. I first did a straight stitch and then went over that stitch with a zig zag stitch to make the pillows sturdier.

Turn them right side out (don't forget to snip off the excess corner fabric before turning right side out.), stuff (I cut open some old throw pillows I didn't like anymore and used that stuffing)., hand sew them closed, and enjoy. Make sure you notify me of where you have found cute place mats so I can make some more! Also, feel free to comment, email me, or post on the DHBH Facebook page if you need more details on this project.

Okay friends, you have some homework to do.

1) Go to the DHBH Facebook page (Don't forget to like the page and share it with a friend) and tell me your Book Club recommendations.
2) Go to my friend Brooke's new blog and be one of the first to support her.
3) Try these throw pillows and tell me about cute place mats you find (Think about all the fun holiday, kid's room, and bed room pillows you could make).

Love to you all. Have an awesome day!


  1. Great idea for the pillows. I have an alternate method. You can buy the pre-stuffed, generic pillows, and just make a cover for them. If you sew a zipper onto the last side, you can swap covers on a whim or wash them if they get covered in kid cooties.

  2. I suppose you could also close your open end with buttons or snaps or other closure device.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Jody. I think some big chunky buttons would look really cute. People could also just cover some throw pillows they have already, but no longer like.

    Miss you and hope you and your fam are doing well!


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