Wednesday, February 9, 2011

  My six year old daughter is, well, a bit of a prude. She'll flip through my fashion and fitness magazines exclaiming, "She is almost naked!" or "I can see her boobs!" (I flip through the magazines thinking, "I wish I looked that good naked!" or "I wish I had her boobs!":). Recently, I overheard her tell a scantily clad actress on TV, "Put some clothes on woman!" She imposes her modest ways on her self too. If a shirt gets too small and shows her belly when she raises her arms, she refuses to wear it.
  Recently, she even tried her hand at fashion design. She emerged from a long bathroom session with January's Shape magazine in hand and this is what she showed me.  

   The first picture depicts how Sassafras drew over Brooke Burke's ever so toned body. The next picture is how Brooke looked before. Sassafras said, "Now she looks better. She's pretty and modest." I am pretty sure Sassafras was meant to be born during the Victorian era when dresses were worn buttoned to the chin and hems to the floor (Although, I'm sure she would have bawked at a life void of hot pink).You would think I've drilled this prudish mentality into her pretty little head, and though I encourage it, that's just how she is. Truth be told, I think she's on to something. 
   Yesterday I read an article in a fashion magazine about an actress who has, until recently, played "innocent" roles and had a squeaky clean reputation. The article stated she had finally shrugged off that image, as if it were bad. I find it ironic that an actress would work so hard to shake off a clean image and be happy about scandal. Does she not realize that scandal isn't exactly unique in Hollywood? Or, in every day life, for that matter. 
   The women I think are most beautiful have amazing personalities, smiles, confidence, kindness, and unique fashion sense. They don't seek scandal or to flaunt their assets. Maybe Sassafras recognizes that. I hope she continues to see what really makes her self and others beautiful.                   

    PS- This is my beautiful friend and blog follower Shannon wearing a head warmer I made as a prize for the winter blues contest.



  1. I love your little Sassafras! She is wise beyond her years.

  2. I was at the store today and saw a magazine cover with the star of Glee on it... I was amazed by the dress (I use that term losely) she was wearing. I give props to Sassafras for your modesty efforts!

  3. you are lucky! camryn and i were at kohl's last night and she sees a manequin wearing skimpy undies. She said, "That's a pretty bra, will you take a picture of me standing by her?"


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