Sunday, February 6, 2011

   Growing up, Sundays were a special day. A day set aside for church, family, and peace. I wasn't aloud to go play at a friend's house, go shopping, or even go swimming (for those of you who grew up with me, you may remember this). It used to frustrate me (a frustration I am now placing on my children (evil laugh)). I thought my parents were trying to take the fun out of Sunday. All my other friends would go to the mall or hang out together, but I couldn't. Eventually, I grew to love Sundays and it is still my favorite day. For me, it's a sacred day where I reflect on my beliefs, my past week, and my family. It's a day of spiritual rejuvenation, if you will. In addition to church, I like to seek out things that inspire me.
   Aside from friends I like to keep tabs on, there aren't too many blogs I read consistently, but there's one I like to pop in on called Nie Nie Dialogues. The author is Stephanie Nielson and she inspires me. Here's a video about her. Watch it and pay attention to how your heart feels. And remember...You are not your body. You are a beautiful spirit.


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