Saturday, February 5, 2011

   Just when I thought my boys couldn't get more sick, they did. The Commander got a bad earache on top of his cold and the baby boss got my stomach bug on top of his Bronchiolitis. How does a baby cope with an upset stomach and not being able to breathe? Well, let's just say it's not pretty.
   The way my four year old copes with sickness is also not pretty. It's Barney. All day, every day....BARNEY (My dream: Me and Barney in a dark alley alone)! I asked him today, "Why do you like Barney so much?" He said, "Because he's always happy." So, Barney it is. 
   The surprising thing is that I'm dealing well with this disastrous scene. Whenever my family's sick, I go into survival mode and dig deep to find the energy to take care of everyone (We all do, don't we?).
   On a lighter note, Sassafras is currently at a "Fancy Nancy" party and got all dressed up with her cute little friends. I love it!  
   Hopefully a more cheerful blog post will be awaiting you tomorrow. Stay healthy people!



  1. I totally feel for you dear...remember when one of you got chicken pox...then another...then another...then another....until five of you had it over a six week period time? We didn't have Barney...just morning cartoons..and puzzles, lots of puzzles.

  2. Mom, I was actually thinking about the whole chicken pox ordeal today. I remember you brought three of us to the store to get some food and medicine for us and we were itching like crazy.

  3. I confess--I am a Barney lover! Ha ha! I've enjoyed visiting your blog and reading about your life. We used to have tornadoes too when I was a kid & we'd have to go down to the storm shelter in the middle of the night. Hated it! Great blog.

    Warmly, Michelle


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