Friday, February 4, 2011

  So, we've had one sickness or another in our house for a few weeks now. It gets old really fast (as you all know). But, you want to know something cool? Last night a friend brought over home made chicken noodle soup, warm bread, and warm cookies for my family. How awesome is that?
  You know what makes it not just cool but amazing? She has three kids, two of which are twin boys, one of which has some challenging disabilities. He's had multiple surgeries, struggles with seizures, etc. Every day she has her hands far more full than most, but she thought of me and my family last night. That is amazing.
   After she brought us dinner, Sassafras looked at me and said, "Mommy, that was so nice. We should bring them dinner tomorrow." My sweet daughter- also amazing!
   But, it doesn't end there. That same amazing friend and neighbor took my daughter to school this morning (1 billion amazing points for her). Another neighbor took her to school the other days (she's amazing too!). People are constantly doing nice things for me. A lot of simple acts of service produce quite amazing results. We'd all be wise to learn something from these women. Even though their lives are challenging, they thought of how they could help someone else. They know a secret that I'm going to share with you. Are you ready? Here it is...Serving someone else makes you happier. GASP! Yup, it's true. I challenge you to do something for someone today. I'm sure you will feel amazing.
   Well, that's it my fabulous followers. Short post today because I have a date to get ready for. I'm going out to dinner and then relaxing in a hot tub with the hubby and no kids (That's amazing too).

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  1. I wasn't a believer in "amazing" in this way until my mom got sick. It was a similar situation, where someone with her own set of difficulty in life went, day after day to help my mom. Took her trash out, did the dishes, brought food, etc. And then a whole bunch of other people did the same thing. Thing is, you gotta be loved to get that special treatment. My mom was loved, and so are you Jody. :)


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