Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello book club peeps. I hope you have enjoyed or are in the middle of enjoying Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas. Here are the first five questions to get our discussion going.

You can participate by addressing any or all of these questions by commenting on this post. Feel free to comment on someone else's comment and start a discussion. Come back to this post at any time throughout the week to continue participation. 

If you haven't started the book yet, that's okay. Just begin reading and jump into the discussion at any time. I will be posting the remaining questions on Saturday to conclude our discussion.

Everyone I see participating in the discussion will be sent a DHBH book club book mark for use in future fun reads! Send me your mailing address to


1. Hennie Comfort’s sign outside her house says “Prayers for Sale” and yet she doesn’t sell prayers. Why does Hennie keep the sign? 

2. As Hennie begins her story for Nit, she says, “Back then, I wasn’t Hennie Comfort. In those days, I was called by the name of Ila Mae Stubbs.” What else has changed about Hennie from her teenage self to her 86-year-old self? More importantly, what has stayed the same? 

3. One of the themes of this book is surviving the “unsurvivable.” What would you consider “unsurvivable?” 

4. What are some of the qualities you see in the women of Middle Swan that help them survive life there? What is the most important quality? 
5. Middle Swan is a cold, harsh town. What makes Hennie love it, and why has she stayed all these years? What draws people together in such an environment?


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