Monday, March 7, 2011

When I started this blog many people were shocked to find out I had depression. "You are so cheerful for someone with depression." and "I would have never guessed." were common responses.

It's easy to imagine someone with depression as always moping around with a big cloud over their head. When I was first learning to manage my depression, I did have times like that. Long phases of great struggle. But, even in the bad times, their was always good. Though I do have depression, my nature isn't to be depressed. I'm quite the opposite.

I consider myself very lucky to have some personality traits that have always helped me with depression. 1) I am very social. I love people and find so much joy out of being around friends and family. 2) I love to laugh and I laugh easily (and loudly). 3) I'm an over achiever and refuse to give up when things are hard. I guess you could say I have a big personality:).

All of the above help me tremendously and keep me quite jolly for someone with depression. (Side Note: It's important for others to understand that a person's depression does not define them. Depression is not a personality trait.)

So, because I find humor in a lot of things I laugh quite often. Last night a friend posted a picture on facebook in which her hair looked particularly good so I told her so. She replied, "Bump it." I wasn't sure if she was serious so I asked, "Is it really bump it?" She confirmed that it was. I started giggling to myself.

If you are confused at this point, let me explain that bump its are plastic inserts that go under your hair. They help your hair go from "Flat to fabulous in seconds!"

My friend proceeded to tell me she has all three sizes of bump its. She said she has even used rolled up socks or pantyhose as impromptu bump its. At this point I am laughing hysterically as I visualize her putting a sock in her hair. I say to her, "Go ahead girl (Ahem...Keli). Bump it up because your hair looks good."

I have seen a bump it mishap that did not look so good. In church one Sunday a woman in front of me (who must have been visiting, because I did not know her) was wearing a half exposed bump it. The front was perfectly quaffed, but she clearly hadn't checked the back. For some reason I found this very funny. I couldn't stop giggling. Lucky for bump it lady my giggling created a distraction from her hair to my irreverence (A downside to laughing easily is that it can happen at the wrong times.).

Hey, at least bump it lady tried. Her bump it was a major fail that day, but she wasn't afraid to go big. There are lots of days when I try to smile big and it fails. But, it's worth it to try, because a lot of days I do succeed in smiling and laughing through the struggles.

My message to you today is go big or go home. Laugh big, love big, and even do your hair big. Bump it up!

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  1. I love this post. the only time I ever wore a bump it, was for a 1950's party. and it did NOT look so hot. But I do love t laugh big. Good advise.


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