Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today I've been busy running errands and playing with my kids so I'll just share a quick story with you.

When I was little, I was taught that the word of God can be represented by an iron rod. If you hold on to the iron rod, and don't let go, you will be lead to happiness. Basically, doing what's right is like holding on to the iron rod. Bad decisions are equivalent to letting go and becoming lost.  

The Hubby and I recently taught Sassafras (almost 7) and the Commander (almost 5) about the iron rod. We told them that being obedient to us, being a good friend, standing up for others, being kind, etc. is like holding tightly to the iron rod. 

Yesterday, I was telling the Commander about the earthquake/tsunami in Japan and explaining that the Japanese people needed lots of help. He replied very seriously, "If I were there, I would help. I will never...EVER!...let go of the iron rod." He was so intense that it made me laugh.

Later Sassafras and the Commander were wrestling on my bed when the Commander shoved his sister a little too hard. Of course, she whined to me about it and I said to the Commander, "Was that a nice thing to do?" He bowed his head and quietly said, "No." Sassafras then added in a sassy voice (Thus, her nickname), "You've got one hand on the iron rod and one hand off buddy. You'd better be careful!" 

At least they are listening to what we teach them:). Currently, I've got one hand on the iron rod and one hand on a girl scout cookie (blasted girl scouts!). Hold on tight people!



  1. Was the cookie a Samoa?
    Got to love those grandchildren of mine! At least with your blog, you'll never forget all the neat things they said.


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