Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's begun. I've started laying awake at night thinking of all the things I need to do in preparation for our move across the country. I try to mentally tally all of our belongings and what we need to keep and what needs purged. I ask myself, "Should we leave all of our furniture? Where can I get the best moving boxes? Do I really love that painting enough to cart it around for 2,000 miles? How are we going to entertain the kids, especially a baby in the car?" There's also the tiny question of, "How in the world are we going to pay for everything?"

Though my mind is cluttered with all the things I need to do, I'm not particularly worried. I've learned that "stuff" doesn't matter, and that all the big challenges some how work out. Things fall into place if you just do what you can.

This is what the hat looks like except it
has brown tones instead of gray.
I want all of you to help me with this moving challenge. Email me with your moving suggestions at You can also comment on the DHBH facebook page under the status "What are your moving tips?" It can involve tips for traveling with kids, packing, hotels, yard sales...anything!

I already started going through some of my clothes to see what needs to go. I found a hat that still has the tags on it. It is adorable, but I haven't worn it because I have another hat very similar to it. So, I'm going to give this super cute hat (by Cents of Style) away. In fact, I'm going to draw a name out of this very hat to pick the winner. Anyone who submits a moving tip will get a chance to win.

Also, when the time comes to move, I will be documenting some of our epic adventure via video feed. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It should be, um, interesting:).

Okay my wonderful readers, send me your moving tips and don't forget this Saturday is the DHBH book club kick off. Buy your copy of Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas today.


  1. Pack your dishes in your bath towels.
    Label your boxes.
    Pack a few boxes of "essentials" for everyone and load those boxes last, so you can unload them first.
    Carrots and celery are good road snacks because they dopn't leave crumbs.
    Utilize all those plastic grocery bags as packing cushion, or put stuff in them. You can stuff them into any gaps and are small enough for the kids to carry.

  2. Some newspaper places will sell unprinted paper rolls cheaply that work well for packing material and having the kids make life-size drawings of themselves while you are packing. Stickers helped keep my little one occupied for quite a while on our last car trip. Also, a stop in Kansas to stretch your legs or rest your eyes would be a great idea. :)

  3. My tip- hire it all out on the non- existant imaginary millionare budget that we have!!
    JK- my moving tip is to keep looking at all of the tips you're getting and add them to my list(see top of page)

  4. Pack by room and label the boxes with the room they should go in. Seems really obvious, but forgot to do this with all the stuff that was in random storage spots.

  5. Thanks, Jody, again for the great perspective you add to rough days.
    As for moving advice, being Mormon, this sounded funny to me at first, but it was totally the way to go. The best place for free boxes is a liquor store.


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