Friday, March 11, 2011

I have a unique relationship with Mr. Sandman. In fact, I think he really loves me because he brings me a dream every single night. Does he visit you that often?

Last night I had a dream that felt very real. In this dream, my family was over at a neighbor's house for an evening barbecue. Their house was huge and sprawled all over a large field. The neighbor's kids and mine were running around in this field of tall golden grass. The lighting was dim and the sky had a pinkish grey hue that wasn't normal (Except it felt normal in my dream.).

The father of our neighbor family suddenly appeared worried. He couldn't locate their dog. I then became worried because I couldn't locate my son. The dream then took on a sense of panic and everyone was looking for the dog and the Commander. The sky grew even more dim and the earth began to move. In fact, the whole field lifted into the air and began to tilt on it's side. I knew immediately that this was the end of the world as I knew it.

As I clung to the earth, I could see a vast body of water beneath and a dark star lit sky above. As we tilted more and more vertically, our neighbor yelled, "Just jump!" I panicked. I knew the Commander and Sassafras couldn't swim (For some reason baby boss wasn't even in this dream). My hand found Sassafras while my mind prayed for the Commander's safety. We plunged into the water, but because this was a dream, my mind placed us on dry ground trapped beneath some heavy rocks. Sassafras was with me and I found the Commander close by. My heart felt so much relief, but then I wondered where the Hubby was.

We stood up to find our selves in a giant dome. For some reason I automatically knew this was the place you came to be judged for how you lived your life one Earth. People were coming into the dome through doors on the perimeter walls. They had been judged and were allowed to join us. I couldn't find the Hubby anywhere. I was so worried about him. After a while he came into the dome from one of the doors and told me he had been judged. We embraced and I said, "I don't know what I'd do without you."

Then, baby boss cried and I woke up from this crazier than usual dream. I was left with a lingering sense of heaviness. Not a negative feeling, but a sense that our lives aren't by accident and that the decisions we make each day are very important.

I then turned on the TV to find reports of Japan's devastating Tsunami caused by an 8.9 earthquake. It has been catastrophic.

This earthquake could potentially affect half the world. As I viewed images of water tossing cars around like toys, the feelings from my dream came back. Today, the Japanese aren't concerned about the latest fashion or having more money. They are fighting for their lives, worried about their loved ones and the state of their country. I'm sure as many faced and face dire situations they are asking themselves,"Where are my loved ones right now? Have I told them how much I love them? Did I live a good life?"

It was eerie to have such a weighty dream and wake up to the world's weighty circumstances. It has been a reminder to me to not just physically prepare, but to take a moment and make sure my life is currently focused on what really matters. God be with Japan and all those effected by this earthquake.

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  1. I only could get through half of this post. I stopped reading when the neighbor said "just jump." And you grabbed your child's hand. Your dream was more like a nightmare. It was too frightning and made my stomach queasy just thinking of how horrible that would be and how fearful those in Japan must have felt. My worst fear if a disaster hit would be to be seperated from my children and not be able to calm their fears.


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