Thursday, March 10, 2011

The past few days have started with me struggling to lift my head off my oh so comfy pillow. I literally felt like someone filled my body with lead and I was dragging around dead weight all day. But, oh happy day, today is different.

The baby boss slept seven hours straight last night! What a glorious, glorious feeling. You think I'm being dramatic? Not a bit. If you could feel the definition of glory it would be what I feel right now (peaceful sigh).

Today's going to be a good day. I can feel it. In addition to the baby boss sleeping through the night, I received an email this morning telling me my blog is being featured on the Casual Blogger Community site today. Not a ginormous deal, but pretty nifty. Check it out. Also, I have a 40% off coupon for a dress I've been wanting to buy. And last, but not least, my hair style left over from yesterday still looks good (Aka- I don't have to fix my hair today...Sweet!).

So, I'm off to take baby boss and the Commander to the mall for some mommy son time. I even promised to let the Commander go into the toy store (I'm feelin' lucky).

You know what would make my day even better? Suggestions for the first DHBH blog book club book. I'm struggling to find just the right one. Comment on this post, email me at jodylong82@gmail.com, or like and leave a message on the DHBH facebook page with your suggestions. You guys/gals rock! I love my DHBH peeps!

PS- Weather man says it's sunny and warm outside! Oh happy day. Hope yours is happy too.


  1. Jody i'm so happy you're having a good day! and the weather is beautiful outside. that's cool that your blog is being featured! I'll have to check that out. hope your day keeps getting better.

  2. foudn you through the casual blogger! Congrats! Thanks you for facing this issue and sharing your thoughts ans stories. It is indeed and issue that many moms face and don't always deal or know how to deal with! I'm a follower now too!

  3. That is awesome Jody!!! (The feature!!! AND the baby sleeping 7 hours last night!)

  4. Congratulations on being featured on The Casual Blogger. I'll check that out. Super congrats on the sleep. You forget what normal feels like.

  5. Hi Jody - good for you writing a blog about depression. I've struggled on and off with depression for years now, and am open about it too in my blog because like you I feel we need to be honest about it and share our experiences - there are so many people in the same boat. I still experience anxiety every day of my life :) but I use art and craft as a way of staying sane, if you know what I mean! Found you on Casual Blogger. Will visit again! Much love and yay for your happy day, Larissa x

  6. awww...so cute... happy to read you are happy...
    I'm happy too these days...
    And i'm loving spring! Check it out at my blog...

  7. Don't you just love the Casual Blogger
    Community! I sometimes fight the "blue devils," too and I loved Sandra Dallas's book, Prayers for Sale, where I got the term "blue devils." Look at my blog at http://heythingschange.com/search/label/blue%20devils
    for some posts on the blue devils and a link to the book.


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