Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yesterday was technically a productive day. I was up and getting things done earlier than normal. I cleaned, blogged, crafted, exercised, and played with the kids. But, everything I did required extra effort. Part of the reality of depression is that there are just days when things are harder for no good reason. I handled it well, but it was still frustrating. The Hubby and I decided it would be a good night for an impromptu date.

My sister-in-law was kind enough to watch Sassafras and the Commander while we took baby boss along.

Before I go any further there are a few things you need to know about the Hubby. 1) He lived in Chile for two years. He loves Chile, Chilean people, and their food. 2) He is fluent in Spanish and has a degree in Spanish. He loves the language. 3) The Hubby was raised in the most frugal of families and doesn't like to spend lots of money eating out.

Okay, moving on. Recently, the Hubby heard about a local Chilean restaurant from a friend at work. Ever since, he hasn't stopped talking about all the Chilean food he misses. Empanadas, completos, churros, hugo, fresh fruit, and so on. So, our impromptu date started at Pantrucas and we had a great time.
I really need to stop being lazy and bring the nice camera
along so I don't get these fuzzy iPhone pics.

We pulled up to a small strip mall that you would normally drive by every day and never notice. We were the first ones there for the evening rush and as soon as we crossed that thresh hold the Hubby transformed. He was the epitome of happiness.

We walked in to a tiny, but cozy little room with six tables covered in cheery yellow table cloths. A middle aged Chilean man came right out to greet us like we had known him for years. "Please, have a seat. We are so glad you are here," he said. While he and the Hubby conversed in Spanish, I perused the chalkboard menus hanging on the wall. I told the Hubby he could order for me and his eyes lit up. He faced the owner, Ricardo, and requested the most food I've ever heard him order in ten years of marriage.

First came the beef empanadas straight from the fryer along with two carafes of fresh peach and mango juice made seconds before (They were amazing!!).

I had a sandwich with steak, avocados, and tomatoes on home made bread. And the fries were perfect! The Hubby, of course, had a completo. A hot dog loaded with toppings. Onions, tomatoes, avocados, cilantro, mayo, etc.

Next we took a trip to Best Buy where my husband played with gadgets galore. We finished with a quick stop at Target to pick up some groceries. Baby boss got a little tired and fussy by the end of this adventure so we calmed him with some M&M's and Mentos (He always has to be holding something or else he's not happy.).

This date was a great way to end a frustrating day. It made me so happy to see the Hubby happy.

Impromptu dates are great antidepressants:).

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  1. Now I'm sad I won't get to Utah before you move..
    I'd love to try Chilean food!


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