Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Commander climbing a
tree while waiting for
Sassafras to get out
of school.
Normally I have posted on my blog by now, but I do have priorities people. I thought since the Commander wanted to have the show Clean House come over (My OCD kids love that show!), it would be wise to put cleaning as a priority. He is a seriously harsh critic. Our home is a mess, but it is not Niecy Nash worthy.

Priority number two was to get out into the GORGEOUS weather. It was the perfect day. Blue skies, snow capped mountains, and the sun shining. The Commander, baby boss, and I walked to pick up Sassafras from school. Every person we saw seemed excited to shed their winter layers and linger outside.

After Sassafras practices piano she and her brother are going outside to blow bubbles and swing on the rope swing (Isn't childhood the best? Too bad you don't fully appreciate it when your going through it).

That's it. I've got calories to burn, an apartment to clean, and kids to push on the swing. Exercise, a clean home, and fresh air = 3 great antidepressants.

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