Friday, March 18, 2011

My day was off to a good start after getting six straight hours of sleep, but the day was solidified as positive after receiving the sign of the shoe. "What is the sign of the shoe?" you ask.

Have you ever searched for THE pair of shoes, but had a hard time finding it? It could be a new pair of summer sandals or a the perfect pump for an event. No matter where you seek THE pair of shoes evades you. Everything you try on is just not quite right.

After dropping off the kids at school today, I took baby boss to Target to get some things for dinner. Every time I'm at Target I gravitate to the shoe section even though I've seen each pair a million times already. Well, today I saw a pair I hadn't noticed. It was a camel colored, chunky heeled, platform sandal, but it was the display and it was the last one. I knew it wouldn't work. The last pair is always an absurdly small size 5.5.

Just as I was going to turn away dejectedly, celestial music played and a pillar of light descended upon THE shoes. I picked them up with hopeful hands. To my delight the shoes were my size. My delight turned to euphoria as I tried them on and found them to be quite comfortable and affordable. The shoe I'd been looking for in my size, my budget range, and they were comfortable.  It was the sign of the shoe, and once you receive the sign, your day is destined to be full of good luck.

Okay, so the sign of the shoe may be a bunch of bull honky, but I'd be lying if I told you my new shoes weren't bringing me gloriously trivial happiness.

On another happy note, if you aren't already aware, I've chosen the first DHBH book club book. It's Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas. I recently got my hard back copy at a deep discount at Barnes and Noble. You can also get it online at any number of sites like

We will be starting a discussion on the first section of the book next Saturday so run out and get your copy now. If you would like to participate, please comment below or on the DHBH facebook page by saying "I'm in." Is this mandatory? No, but it helps me get an idea of how many people are participating and if we're on track for getting started.

I've had a few people tell me they are having a hard time commenting on my blog posts. Please send me an email at or facebook me to let me know if this is the case. If the problem persists I will look into it. Thanks!

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  1. I'm sad you didn't post a picture of the shoes! I like shoes. :)


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