Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get comfy my friends (Go ahead. Grab a little snack and a snuggly blanket). I have a few things to share in today's blog. First off, here is the text I received from my mom this morning. "Christian turned the corner last night and is off oxygen. He may go home tonight. Thanks for all the prayers." Yes, thank you everyone. My lil' baby nephew is doing much better. I've been very touched by your concern. They expected him to be in the hospital for days, so today's message is a bit of a miracle.

Secondly, I have a freak out moment to tell you about. Okay, so you know that on Monday the Hubby and I went scuba diving in a crater (If you are confused read this post). Our experience was really neat. The water was so warm and it's not often that you, well, swim in a crater.

We had a master dive instructor, Ed, all to ourselves (Neither of us are certified divers). He explained our equipment in detail and would basically do everything for us throughout the dive. Ed demonstrated hand signals for letting him know how much air we had left and signals for telling him if we were okay. We would slowly descend by holding on to a rope and ascend even more slowly. I was pretty excited and visualized the hubby and I swimming side by side holding hands.

Ed told us that I would be the one going down the initial five feet first (Because my lungs were smaller and needed more time to acclimate.) where I would then wait for him to bring down the Hubby.  Ed took me slowly down the rope reminding me to clear my ears and asking me if I was okay. As I approached the five feet mark, something happened that I've never experienced before.

As I stared into Ed's water bloated, goggle covered face, I started to feel, um, soooo not okay. It's really hard to explain. All of a sudden the warm water felt extremely oppressive (claustrophobic even) and my heart started to race faster than it ever has. I forgot everything Ed just taught and I knew I couldn't go any deeper without completely panicking. As if in slow motion, I watched Ed's hands form an inquiring okay sign. I searched my blank mind for the, "DUDE, I AM FREAKING OUT AND WILL GO CRAZY ON YOUR BUTT IF YOU DON'T BRING ME TO THE SURFACE!" hand signal. I just pointed frantically upward and that seemed to do the trick (Later, another swimmer told me a different finger might have gotten the message across faster.).

We came to the surface and the hubby looked confused. I ripped off my goggles and explained that I couldn't do it. Ed descended with the hubby, who had a great time. I basically had a glorified snorkeling experience as I used my scuba gear to watch the hubby below.

Honestly, I don't feel bad about the freak out. I know I made the right decision and I learned something about myself. This girl will definitely be getting certified in a swimming pool before she does any open dives.

The last thing I want to mention today is that I've picked the first ever DHBH book club book. It's entitled Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas. It's a book about love, loss, perseverance, friendship, and forgiveness. It appealed to me for a couple of reasons. 1) It's an easy read. You are all so busy I wanted you to have a pleasure read to snuggle up and escape with. 2) I love the main character's description of the blues. She calls them "blue devils." The blue devils are definitely an appropriate topic for my blog.

Anyway, I wanted you to get an early start on buying this book because I was able to get the hard back version on sale at Barnes and Noble for only six dollars (It was cheaper than the paper back). So, you may want to check there first. I'm sure you can also order it on Amazon.com and a variety of other places online.

Let's get our read on. If you would like to participate then just comment below by saying "I'm in." This will give me an idea of when we can get started.

If you feel like you don't have time to read, don't worry because I will be giving you plenty of time and breaking the book into parts to discuss. If you are a speedy reader then go ahead and read the whole thing, keep the secrets to yourself, and comment in our discussions.

So, comment below, invite your book loving friends, and get your book now.


  1. I LOVED Prayers for Sale. Good choice.

  2. Oh my gosh, your freak out made me laugh because I cannot scuba dive or even snorkel because the same thing happens to me!!! Something about being under the water with a mask on makes me feel incredibly claustrophobic...I start panicking too and hyperventilating. Rob was very disappointed to learn this on our honeymoon to the Bahamas...he'd been envisioning snorkeling around reefs and I was like "Sorry...it's not gonna happen!"

  3. i too totally enjoyed this book. you will love it! i went on to read another book by her called tallgrass. it too was excellent. :)

  4. Janelle and Manda, Feel free to comment on the future discussions we have on the book.

    Brooke, I've been snorkeling in the Bahamas and it didn't bother me. That's why I was surprised by my recent reaction. It was really funny though.


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