Tuesday, March 15, 2011

At about 5 a.m. this morning the chime of a text notification woke me. A message from my mom read, "Pray for Christian (my baby nephew). He's in the hospital and having trouble breathing." I proceeded to bombard her with questions regarding how bad the situation was. But, she didn't know.

My sister lost her cell phone on the way from the local ER to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati. My brother-in-law called my mom during the night saying he needed to go be with my sister and my mom went to watch their other kids.

Being over 2,000 miles away and feeling helpless, I laid in bed and said a prayer that everything would be okay. But, that didn't feel sufficient. So, I got out of bed and crept into the dark living room. I knelt down next to the couch piled high with laundry. I prayed aloud asking my Heavenly Father to be with Christian, my sister, and her family. I asked that my prayers would bring strength and peace to them.

It's one thing to say a blessing over your food or say a fleeting prayer of gratitude and another to pray with all your might. When critical situations arise you are forced to confront what you really believe. Do you believe prayers are answered and that there is a God?

I know that prayers are heard. They may not always be answered in the way we think they should be or in the time frame we desire, but they are answered in the way that is best. Today, I hope what's best is that little Christian is okay.


  1. Jody I'm praying for your nephew and your family.

  2. jody-
    you made me cry. as i started reading this, i thought, if anyone has powerful prayers, its you. then you shared how you actually got up out of bed and prayed fervently for your sweet nephew with faith that your answers would be heard. ( i started to REALLY cry) thank you for your testimony of prayer. please know that our family prayers will also include your nephew and family. thinking of you!


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