Friday, April 8, 2011

Just in case you were wondering, the book club is not a secret. I know that many of you bought and read the book Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas, but did not participate in the book club discussion. So, I've made an executive decision.

I've decided to push the easy button on the book club. I will recommend a book and then give you some time to buy and read the book. Next I will post a synopsis of the book along with my own insights and opinions. If you feel like commenting at that point then great, if not then you can just read the book and enjoy. Pretty simple, right?

So, tomorrow I will post my thoughts on the book Prayers for Sale and then recommend the next book. Welcome to the zero pressure DHBH book club my friends!:).

On another note, tomorrow we will be packing up our little Jetta and my husband will be leaving early Sunday morning to drive across the country.

That means I went all last week on baby duty by myself and all this coming week I will be on my own with all three kids. Wahooooooooooo! That is going to be so easy and fun!! In fact I think I will have a party to celebrate how easy and fun that will be (Oh, glorious sarcasm).

In reality, it needs to be done and I'm thankful for a hubby who's willing to drive all the way across the country so we can travel together for the big move.

I wish there was an easy button for moving...

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  1. still not done with the book. Now that the wedding is over, I get to do the taxes...wahoo...and THEN think about doing something more interesting, like read a book.


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