Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Once again, I was listening to the Diane Rehm show on NPR on my way home from car pool this morning. I was engrossed in her Jane Eyre/Charlotte Bronte segment because, well, Jane Eyre is frankly da bomb of all books!

I did not want to exit my vehicle and miss this auditory delight, so I drove to get some "mommy juice" (A.k.a. diet coke, a habit I am currently trying to kick.). I drove slowly, meaning the actual speed limit, home and enjoyed the radio banter about Charlotte Bronte's background and her inspiration for Jane Eyre.

As I approached our drive way, the baby boss started to squirm and fuss, "Oh yeah, I forgot about him," I thought to myself, his cries bringing me back to reality. "Shush baby boss! I'm trying to get my geek on!" I said out loud.

I didn't finish the above mentioned radio segment, but I rode that wave of geeky happiness all the way into the house, throughout a bit of crocheting, and it provided me with a pleasant mood all morning . It also got me thinking about my current level of geekdom.

If I were to write up a profile on myself for a geek dating site it would go a little something like this.

"I'm a 28 (I can still say I'm 28 for four more days) year old woman who loves classic literature, strolling through art museums, discussing religion and politics, listening to NPR, and crocheting in my spare time. I enjoy using such terms as "da bomb" and "sweet!" and get very excited over office supplies such as pretty post-its and pens."

Yup, I'd say my geekiness is secure and, in fact, worsening by the year. It's an inevitable evolution I can't stop and is only propelled by motherhood.

I bet if someone were to do an experiment analyzing the way people dance before having children and then again five years after having children they would find a very scary (think Napoleon Dynamite dance scary) decline in the test subject's ability to dance in a "cool" fashion. Just as scary would be that the parent's confidence to dance would remain high .

Watch this flippin' sweet video!

A person's natural evolution into geekiness is necessary to ensure the ever important embarrassment of one's posterity. Sassafras has already started looking at me in horror when I sing and dance around the house. "Stop doing that mommy!" she cries. This only makes me laugh really hard and want to do it some more. I remind her that no one is watching and she is safe from embarrassment within the walls of our home. This doesn't seem to reassure her.

As I ponder the different ways one can be "geeky" I find myself completely confident about my geeky side. I even have my own hottie geek husband who loves to talk about the newest thing he learned about during his Anatomy studies and the latest app for his IPad. My kids also have some fun geeky qualities that I'm quite proud of.

Yesterday the Commander was closing his eyes and trying to play a song by ear on the piano. He almost had it perfected when Sassafras said, "Hold on. Let me get a piece of paper." She drew lines on the paper and stood by him watching his little fingers play. She recorded the notes on the paper and helped him find the remaining keys needing correction. Together they figured out the right notes to the song, wrote it down, and then played it from beginning to end. Sassafras also taught the Commander about the notes.

Yup, that's how we roll in Geekville. Holla!

I also find myself drawn to other people with geeky attributes. Those with intelligence, wit, humor, and unique abilities and interests. Oh wait, that's not geeky...that's just cool.

So, go ahead people. Get your geek on...because, well, it's not geeky at all.


  1. Thanks to my dear husband geeking PC games, I now know far too much about cpu speeds and whether crossfiring two graphics cards is a good idea. Also, just ask me about an MMO (I've never played most, but I can tell you all about them). I personally geek on all types of museums, scy-fy romance novels, and sewing (especially halloween costumes). My kids are horrified that I listen to talk radio only and anytime Avater: The Last Airbender cartoon is on, I will drop everything to watch it. Now that we're grown-ups, let the geeking comense!

  2. It's the new "cool"....and thanks for carrying on the tradition of humiliating your children. I'm so proud..sniff, sniff....

  3. I attempted to go to a 10pm showing of the latest Harry Potter installment, by myself. I had to leave early, so I went back with 2 of my girlfriend's husbands. Shaun says this makes me a geek.

  4. Jane Eyre is my absolute favorite novel. The Salt Lake Film Society is currently showing the latest adaption at the Broadway Center Theater. I went and saw it a couple weeks ago with my sisters, and then had Belgian waffles and frites at Bruges, also in Salt Lake. I don't know if that makes me a geek or not, but it sure was fun.


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