Monday, April 18, 2011

I jumped at the opportunity I was recently given to review a Halloween costume. I mean, who doesn't love Halloween? I have so much fun thinking up Halloween costumes for kids and then playing dress up (Probably more fun than my kiddos do:). 

Lately, the Commander has been obsessed with any Mario Brothers game. So, I perused the costumes for boys (there was a large selection to choose from) and ordered the Deluxe Super Mario Bros Mario Costume.

I ordered a Medium which says size 8-10, but for ages 5-7. I found this a bit confusing, but thought it would fit either my 5 or 7 year old.

We had a fun photo session with the Commander and Sassafras taking turns trying the costume on.

As you can see, it fits my seven year old girl a lot better than my five year old. I think that if I were to order it again I would order a small (My son is admittedly a bit of a squirt for his age).

But, there's a really fun feature to this costume that takes up some of that extra room. An inflatable plastic belly. A spare tire, if you will:). The belly section inflates and attaches like an apron around the neck and waist. It is honestly hilarious.

Here's the Commander with the belly on under the costume.

The belly fits better on my seven year old and sits lower on her torso making it look more proportionate.

Regarding the other features of the costume, I was surprised at the high quality of each part. Everything seemed to be quite durable. Definitely hand me down potential. The hat was extremely sturdy and sat perfectly on the head.

Though, the gloves were of high quality, they were way too big. I'm sure this is intentional to promote a cartoon like quality, but it may be hard to keep them on while trick-or-treating. 

The mustache was also hilarious and made my kids giggle and giggle some more. The backing on the mustache is a strong sticker, but not so strong that it hurts to take off. We took it on and off repeatedly and it still stayed on very well each time. 

I definitely recommend this costume and would give you these tips:

-Make sure to put a shirt on under the inflatable belly so the plastic doesn't feel too scratchy.
-Order according to size not age.
-Take some pictures and have lots of fun!


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  1. This is what Dawson has requested for Halloween this year, and he has informed Logan that he will be Luigi. Isn't Mario so fun...I should send you some of the pictures from Dawson's Mario birthday party.


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