Friday, April 29, 2011

I used to think our British friends across the pond were a little nutso wearing those crazy fancy hats and large hair accessories. But, I've been converted and, in honor of the royal wedding, I'm going to reveal to you a fascination I've had for a while now. I have a slight obsession with fascinators. "What is a fascinator?" you ask. Well, you've probably seen one, but didn't know it was called a fascinator.

Here is my cousin (by husband's cousin) Cheryl in a photo taken during a recent photo session of her darling family. 

See that poofy thing on her head? That is a fascinator and I LOVE it! A fascinator is basically a fancy hair accessory attached with a clip, comb, or even a head band. Feathers, Russian netting, flowers, jewels, etc. are combined for countless creations.

Here's another picture of it from the side.

What an adorable way to do something fun and new for a family photo.

Here are some more...

They can be small like this little beauty by TessaKim on Etsy.
A large and in charge flower like this one. Also by TessaKim on Etsy.
Or a feather headband. By Chastina on Etsy.
Look how cute it looks on Drew. She's my fav!
And how sweet on a little girl. LiaGenefab11 on Etsy.
And of course we must high light Kate Middleton.
Now Duchess of Cambridge.
The sky is the limit with these fab fascinators. I think I'm going to try my hand at creating some of my own.

Please feed my fascination by sending me a link to your favorite fascinator. You can email me at or share with everyone by commenting on this post.

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  1. I feel the same way. I LOVE them.

  2. I love them too!!! I love the one your cousin is wearing- and how confident she looks sporting it. So gorgeous! That's my favorite kind- ones with the netting. I love feathers too. I saw one at Target several months ago that was black with feathers, jewels AND netting, but I talked myself out of spending the money. (It was only like $8!! C'mon me!!!) anyways I've never seen it again and have been kicking myself. That's a great idea to make some; maybe I'll do that too.

  3. All those things that look so cute on everyone them on others, but can't stand things in my hair. Not even rubber bands...or even hats.I get headaches after an hour of a headband, ponytail, or even barrette. So sad...look at all the cuteness opportunities I miss.


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