Thursday, April 7, 2011

There's a reason "When it rains it pours" is a saying. When the crap hits the fan it doesn't just hit the wall in one spot. It continues to splatter everywhere (That was a little too much, huh?). Anyway, life seems to take on a rhythm of it's own, whether it be positive or negative...a domino affect if you will.

Yesterday, baby boss was good for me on the plane. He got his mack on with any girl in sight, staring them down until they smiled at him. We arrived back in Salt Lake safe and sound and completely exhausted. I was soooo happy to see my sweet hubby pull up at passenger pick up.

But, the story isn't over. The same night that I almost performed an exorcism on baby boss, Sassafras was in Utah puking her little brains out. When I got home from the airport she was feeling much better and finally we were all tucked snugly in bed. Until...the Commander started puking. Sassafras woke me from a pleasant slumber by bursting into my room and saying yelling, "Campbell is puking all over his bed and it stinks realllllllllly bad!" Awesome.

After cleaning everything up Maribelle said she couldn't sleep because of the smell. So, I haphazardly sprayed Febreeze all over the room and back to sleep we all went. Two hours later baby boss woke up to be fed and three hours after that decided it was time to rise and shine (The two hour difference in time really threw him off).

I kept Maribelle home from school, though she wanted to go, and soon after getting up she was puking again (The crap/puke just kept on flying.).

It's now 10 p.m. Mountain Time and all kids are asleep. Now would be a good time for life to switch from a negative to a positive rhythm and I think it will...I hope it will...maybe it will...Please?!

Honestly, as difficult as the past couple of days have been, it's still so great to be home. I'm sincerely happy to be back with my nocturnal, puking, loving family.


  1. When we're puking we're happy...tra-la-la-la-la-la!

  2. HaHa Nancy, I've been singing that in my head all day.


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