Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's almost seven a.m. and I've been up all night long. Literally...all night and I have no idea why. I was thoroughly exhausted from a day of grocery shopping, cleaning, and Easter Sunday preparation.

I tossed and I turned thinking about all the things I needed to cook today for our family Easter meal. How will I cook the pork? Toss and turn. Lady Gaga's song "Born This Way" enters my mind. Toss and turn some more. Did I just hear baby boss? Get up and pee. Lay down and flip from side to side. Maybe I should just put the pork in the crock pot. Stare into darkness and sing the words "I was born to be brave" in my head (A song I don't even like, by the way).

Finally, the light of dawn peeks around the edges of the painting I have hanging over my window to keep out such light. This morning I'm relieved to see it because it means I can end my night of tossing and turning. A cut on my finger started stinging so I raised my hands above my face and saw and outline of all ten fingers.

The thought of Christ's hands immediately popped into my head, "He made the greatest sacrifice for me." 

I got up and put the pork in the crock pot (Tip toeing as I go because baby boss is sleeping only four feet away.). My thoughts then turned to my mom, always up at the crack of dawn, quietly preparing the days meals and getting ready for church long before anyone else. Last night, after a long day, I was up until 1 a.m. filling my kid's Easter baskets just as my parents used to. "They have sacrificed so much for me too."

I'm about to go get in the shower and get ready for my day. Though exhausted, I will fix my hair, do my make up, get the kids ready, go to church, come home and cook some more, clean up, and start again. I will sacrifice (like many of you) because I love my family. The same reason my parents, my husband, countless others, and most importantly, my Savior have sacrificed for me.

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