Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I don't have a whole heck of a lot to offer in the creative writing department tonight. I am sleepy. More than sleepy actually. I am currently experiencing a glutony induced fog of weariness due to a smorgasbord of all my favorite foods.

It's a must. Every time I visit "home" I have to partake in all the restaurants I grew up with. A big boy at Frischs, Cincinnati chili, Panera bread, Applewood on the river, and more. This trip included two additional restaurants new to town that my family insisted we go to.

Which leads me to the other reason I'm so tired. These fast food feasts also included a variety of whirl wind visits with friends and family. Family in town for my sister's wedding, friends, and nieces and nephews. Visiting with loved ones and high caloric intake seem to occur simultaneously.

To my awesome friends I missed this up your planner. I expect to consume large amounts of local cuisine with you when I'm back in June. Mark it in red.

(FYI, I recently promoted myself from confectionery fan to Cupcake Connoissuer. That means I search out cupcakes wherever I go, taste them, and review them. It's an extremely important job that must be done. You're welcome.)

I consider myself quite lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family members in my life and that I had the chance to catch up with them this trip. I also consider myself lucky to have such an abundance of food when so many in the world go without.

Two weeks from now, I hope to consider myself lucky to have worked off all these calories.

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