Sunday, May 1, 2011

On Friday, my little girl turned seven (craziness!), yesterday was my Dad's birthday, and today is my birthday. Needless to say, this creates a busy schedule for our family.

When my daughter was born seven years ago I took her home on my birthday. It was the best birthday present ever. Words can't express how much joy she brings me.

She weighed almost nine pounds when she was born.
Look at that cleft in her chin and her awesome hair!
Oh my goodness. Look how darn cute she is. She had beautiful curly hair.
At the beach in Florida. One of her favorite places. She was born in FL.
Chubby cheeks!
This diva always knows how to have fun and is
super silly:).
Before her first dance recital.
First grade
For her birthday she went with some friends to an indoor fun center (You know, the kind with the giant inflatables?). Then more friends came to our home for pizza, cake, and ice cream (Yeah, that was totally nuts!).

Sassafras is such an amazing kid. She is sensitive and kind, fun, helpful, and so talented. I love you Sassafras! Thanks for being the best daughter in the world!

As for my birthday, the busier my life gets, the more I just want time to myself to relax as a gift. So, yesterday I went shopping all day, got a scalp treatment, and just took my time doing what I wanted to. No kids, no guilt! It was very nice.

Then, I came home to a clean house and a movie with my hubby. Today, my actual birthday, my hubby is doing all the cooking, etc. and everyone is being so sweet. I couldn't ask for more.

Every year on my birthday I give the same gift to myself. I take a walk or go for a run and I think about the past year and what I've accomplished. For once, I'm not hard on myself. I just give myself a mental pat on the back for the good things I've done. It's a reminder that each year I'm a little bit better and wiser. And that's what life's all about...learning and growing.


  1. That's a great birthday tradition Jody; I should start doing that! Have a great day, you deserve it!! :)

  2. Sassafrass looks just like you Jody! Happy birthday again! :)


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