Friday, May 27, 2011

It has begun. I am a crazy psycho woman (crazier than usual:) up tight with stress and bossing everyone around. Though I will try hard not to remain this way, I will probably be very difficult to love for the remainder of the moving process.

Yesterday, as soon as the Hubby got home from work, I unleashed the beast and started telling him everything I was worried about getting done and how I needed him to get on board. Poor guy didn't even know what was coming and, frankly, neither did I. I go about my day not realizing how much stress I am holding in and unintentionally unload on the Hubster.

The Hubby remained quiet the rest of last night, running to hide in his cave. I've created a cave man. Not the neanderthal, grunting, idiot kind of cave man. I've pushed my man into his place of mental refuge. His figurative cave.

Today, high on my to do list, is to bait the Hubs out of his cave with kindness and love, which he deserves (I know what you all are thinking, and yes, I am aware of another way to bait my cave man).

I too deserve love, so my neighbor is kindly going to watch my boys while I get my hair done (Thank you awesome coupon from the salon!). This should definitely aid in de-stressing me before the removal of the man from the cave. Look out people, I'm going in!

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  1. Love it! Jody, you are such a good writer! And please let me know how I can help you. I can watch your boys, too!


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