Monday, May 16, 2011

Man I'm boring lately! Sorry friends. I think I'm so busy preparing for this move that I don't have much creativity left for my poor neglected blog (or my awesome followers.Yeah, I'm talkin' to're awesome!). I promise, I will get my blog mojo back eventually and hopefully enough of it to start posting videos.

We move exactly three weeks from today. That date is really, really close (I shudder to think...). The good thing is that I work well under pressure. In fact, pressure is sometimes the only thing that lights a fire under my butt and gets me moving. What is the term for that? Oh yeah, procrastination. Yup, I'm a professional procrastinator.

One interesting thing about anxiety is that, when push comes to shove, you have to get your act together or it takes over. As the date for our move draws ever closer, my anxiety heightens and I'm forced to get things done for my own sanity. Some people deal with their anxiety by going into denial mode and ignoring all that needs done...not me. I can't stand it! I have to tackle everything ( a control freak) so that when moving day comes I'm not completely overwhelmed. So, I guess in a way, anxiety can be good???

An example of this would be my little venture to Uhaul today. I'm not renting the Uhaul trailer for another couple of weeks, but I needed a visual of how much a 6'x12' would hold. So, I loaded my boys in the Burb and took a field trip to see the trailer (I actually told the Commander it was a real field trip to get him excited about seeing a "real live trailer" Wow!).

I bombarded the front desk personnel with questions and then went to look inside the trailer. I opened the back and the Commander climbed right in (See, awesome field trip). I visualized my belongings in the space and was able to breathe easier. Do you see the pattern? Anxiety over size of trailer = field trip to Uhaul = control = dissipation of anxiety. Now all I have to do is repeat this process with every thing on my to do list. My really long to do list.

Okay, I'm going to go install the editing program for my camcorder (Actually, I'm going to have the hubby do it...because I can.) I'm also going to tell my psycho kids to stop running through the sprinkler in their underwear in 55 degree weather (They are really desperate for summer:).

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