Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When I walked out the door this morning someone must have secretly taped a sign on my back stating, "Go ahead, pee on me." I've been peed on three times today, which is a lot, even for a mom.

Baby boss no longer shoots urine haphazardly like when he was a newborn. He instinctively knows to cut the water works when the diaper is off, but occasionally he has bad timing. Today his bad timing resulted in a squirt to the chest. "No biggy," I thought. "I've been through worse (like a shot to the face)."

This afternoon, the Commander had the dreaded pre-kindergarten shots. The nurse and I both had to hold him down while he screamed in my ear (My ear is still ringing right now). He also had to give a urine sample. I held the cup and he aimed, but not well. About 2/3 of his liquid ammo hit my hand and arm. I simply washed my hands/arms at the sink and we went on our way.

As the day progressed, the Commander's legs grew more sore until he couldn't walk or move them without screaming. He screamed as I placed him down to use the bathroom before bed and was shaking so badly he peed all over the floor and me...again.

After calming him down and getting him to sleep, I patted my back checking for the "pee on me" sign, but nothing was there. I guess getting peed on comes with the sign I wear stating, "Mother" and that's just fine with me. I'm happy to be peed on every day if it means I have the privilege of being a mom.

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  1. Wow Jody, three times in one day! You're right though, once in the face would be way worse than three times any where else!!


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