Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am currently experiencing an awesome nap high. I put the baby boss down for a nap in my room and laid down beside him not expecting either of us to sleep very long. Fast forward two hours and I had become one with my bed. I was so comfortable that I floated in and out of sleep for another half hour, relishing in the warm fuzzy feeling you get from deep sleep.

Come to find out, the Commander had fallen asleep too. This happens maybe twice a year. I think someone drugged my family, but I'm totally okay with it. It felt so nice. Actually, my boys and I have been struggling with a cold. It's not a super bad one, but it makes you feel extremely fatigued and congested all the time. The baby is the worst (Poor, sweet, chubber, chubs).

Anyway, this cold is the reason I did not post my first video blog. I know, I know. I just ruined your entire weekend (I kid, I kid). The vlog is postponed until this cold goes away, which I hope is very soon. Who has time to be sick?

I'm off to pack a couple of boxes before it's time to get the kiddos in bed. Count down until move = 3 weeks and two days.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends. If you are looking for something relaxing to do this evening or on Sunday try this awesome caramel corn recipe (So yummy!). And watch last night's 20/20 episode on the Nielson family (Stephanie Nielson is the writer of the popular blog Nie Nie Dialogues). Stephanie and her husband Christian survived a horrific plane crash that burned much of their bodies. They are very inspiring! So, curl up with a loved one, or a pet, or a blanket, and enjoy!

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