Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kickin butt and getting shtuff done today people! I have a long list and checking things off feels oh so good right now. 

I must admit my to-do list is quite interesting in it's content. I have the usual packing, cleaning, and laundry to-dos. But, I also have a charity 3K run to do with Sassafras, a shoe box diorama for a Cockatiel to build (also with Sassafras), an anatomy lesson on the facial bones to teach the Commander, cupcakes to make, and a yard sale to plan (among many other things). 

I wish the school would not require book reports and diorama assignments with a week and a half of school left. Don't they realize I'm trying to move here? Sheesh! Oh yeah, the world doesn't revolve around me....I forgot.

I also have an up and coming phone call with a far away friend scheduled for this afternoon. She texted me last night saying she had been catching up on my blog and saw that we were moving too. She is moving far from her family in a week and needs to have a heart to heart. I look forward to this call because I have a positive message for her. 

No matter how busy a schedule is or how jam packed a to-do list gets, there is always time to help a friend or anyone in need for that matter. And there is never a shortage of need in the world.

Hopefully, on your to-do list today is to either help someone or have the courage to ask for help.

Okay, gotta go kick some more butt! 


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