Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday was a good day, but it progressively got more hectic as the day went on. Here's how my day went...

-Stay up late the previous night writing a poem for Sassafras to be read in her class the next day.
-Morning comes.
-Push snooze on alarm...twice.
-Drag myself out of bed
-Dress in my self-enforced uniform (work out clothing).
-Wake up Sassafras who stayed up way too late (no small task).
-Brush knots out of her hair while she screeches in pain.
-Baby boss wakes up.
-Quickly make a bottle and pop it in his mouth (Thank goodness he can now feed himself).
-Hunt for a clean pair of pants for Sassafras and settle on a dress and leggings.
-Look at the time...no time for Sassafras to eat breakfast.
-Force her to eat a granola bar and chug some water.
-Quick scrub of her teeth.
-The Commander gets out of bed announcing he's going to pee his pants.
-Hug Sassafras and send her out to car pool.
-Yogurt and gold fish for the Commander's breakfast (This is not the usual, but I agree just that once).
-Drink a Mountain Dew for breakfast (not recommended).
-Help baby boss finish his bottle.
-He pees through his PJ's and onto my shirt. I change him, but not my shirt (TMI?).
-The Commander watches cartoons in my room while I watch Good Things Utah in the living room.
-I try to hear my show over baby boss's squeals of delight as he plays in his baby gym.
-The Commander gets bored and is upset that he can't find his cousins to play with.
-I go sit out on the lawn with the baby boss and watch the Commander climb a tree so he won't be lonely.
-Baby boss eats some grass. He likes it.
-It is a beautiful day!
-I sift through the mail and pull out some coupons.
-Cousins come home and climb with the Commander.
-Neighbor friends come out to play too.
-I have a mommy chat with neighbor while our kids make mischief.
-Neighbor brings Sassafras home and more kids play outside (I love this!).
-I feed baby boss and put him down for a nap.
-Hubby comes home and I smooch him.
-I put in a work out DVD and yell at it because it won't let me fast forward through intro.
-I'm grumpy because I don't want to work out.
-I work out while baby sleeps (Yay me!).
-I talk to hubby about buying a mini camcorder to start video blogging once a week (Look for that in the future).
-Super-cali-fragil-istic-espi-ali-docious (What? Just checking if you're still with me or if I've lost you yet:).
-Go to store to pick up baby food that I forgot to get at the store yesterday even thought that's what I went to the store for to begin with.
-Wish I had showered before I went to the store.
-Come home and finish making dinner I started earlier, working around the hubby's tools on the table (He is fixing something).
-Baby is fussy. Hubby ignores him, because he can. I can't.
-I get frustrated because I can't fix dinner and hold baby at same time. Hubby says baby boss is fine.
-Commander asks if dinner is ready yet a million times.
-Go outside to get kids and make Sassafras practice piano.
-Have another mommy chat with another neighbor.
-Round up kids. They run away. Round them up again.
-It is now almost bed time and they haven't eaten dinner, practiced spelling, or piano.
-Throw dinner on the table.
-Feed baby boss with one hand, myself with the other.
-Hubby says thank you for the meal. I say your welcome in a grumpy voice (I am mad he didn't stop fixing whatever he was working on to hold baby while I made dinner).
-Have a fun conversation with my silly kids over dinner.
-Find out the Commander is going to wish on a shooting star to be a wizard and that Sassafras now uses the phrase, "Don't judge me," with attitude.
-Give boys a bath. Baby boss's first bath sitting all by himself (sniff, sniff).
-Meanwhile, Sassafras slowly plods through her piano practice and throws a fit, because she is now super tired.
-Hubby redeems himself by doing dishes and mopping floor. Sweet.
-Calm kids down, have family prayer, and put them to bed an hour later than bed time.
-Give baby boss bottle and put him to sleep.
-Sassafras gets out of bed four more times.
-I finally take a shower at 10:30 pm.
-I get into bed around 11:30 pm and want to read, but I'm too tired.
-Say prayer with hubby. Lay down. Can't sleep.
-Baby boss wakes up and fusses. I pace the living room with him for a half hour.
-He wakes up again at 2:30 am. I feed him.
-I go to sleep at 3:00 am. I wake up at 6:45 am to settle fussy baby again.
-I go back to bed until 8:30 am. Get both kids ready for school.
-Rush around looking for a family video Sassafras needs for school.
-Drop off carpool at school.
-Run to store for treat I forgot for kids to bring to school.
-Get a Coke at McDonald's drive through. Ahhhh.
-Go back to school to drop off treat.
-Come home, watch my show with baby boss.
-Feed baby boss and put him down for a nap.
-Work out. Shower. Shave legs for the first time in two weeks ("Don't judge me!":). Blog.
-The Commander comes home from preschool saying he wants me to open my mother's day present now.
-Get two of the sweetest home made magnets ever.
-Smother him with hugs and kisses.
-Go back to writing blog.
-This brings me to the present. Phew!

Props to you if you read all of that! We've all had crazy days haven't we? Now that I have three kids it feels like most of my days are like this. But, it's not necessarily bad. As long as I take care of me, then I can handle days like the above.

The things that help me most are exercise, sunshine, and just getting out of the house by myself for a bit. As Mother's Day approaches please take the time to pamper yourself a bit. If you aren't a mother, seek out a mother who may need your help.

Also, here is a Mother's Day craft you still have time to make!!!

I saw this craft on Good Things Utah this morning created by Shyloh Belnap at A Blog For All Seasons. I think it would be great to make this cup for your mom and have her drink from it all day feeling like a queen. Kind of a twist on the corsage.

This picture doesn't do it justice. 
Go to THIS LINK to get a list of supplies, instructions, and to watch

And don't forget to post a comment on my MOTHER'S DAY GIVE AWAY post to win a blanket for yourself or another mother. I will announce the winner on Sunday/Mother's Day.

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