Sunday, May 29, 2011

This is what my sign should have said.
Yesterday we had a successful yard sale. I hate the preparation for such sales, not to mention getting up so early. Who started the tradition of holding yard sales early anyway? I want to start an afternoon yard sale revolution. But, I digress...

Despite the annoying aspects of having a yard sale, the actual selling of items I find interesting. I love interacting with customers and, of course, getting rid of crap! It never ceases to amaze me how my trash is someone else's treasure.

During yesterday's sale, I played a mental game. I put a few odd items out to sell just to see if anyone would buy them, how fast they would sell, and for how much.

For Christmas, my sweet mom gave the Hubby and I each a pair of no-slip contraptions that you put on the bottom of your shoes so you don't fall on the ice. I find them absolutely hilarious (I mean that in the nicest possible way momma.)! So, I put them out in the yard sale and they were one of the first items to go. A nice young couple, who only spoke Spanish, snatched them up. I imagine the country they are originally from is quite a bit warmer than Utah and the ice probably scares them to death. See? My crap = their treasure protection from the horrid ice.

Okay mom, I may unintentionally offend you again so, get ready. Another thing I sold was my wedding veil. Don't gasp in shock at me! It's not that I don't love the veil my mom made for me, it's that I have turned completely unsentimental when it comes to material possessions (Case in point: I sold my wedding dress long ago.). I am addicted to getting rid of things (I love you mom!).

One of the hardest things about this yard sale was keeping my kids from going through the toys and bringing them back in the house. Approximately every five minutes I would here one of my lovely children saying, "Hey! I don't want to sell this. What's this doing out here?!" "Dang it! You nosy little kids!" I'd think to myself.

All in all, it was a busy, productive, exhausting day. A day to visit with our kind neighbors who all came to buy something even if they didn't need it. A day to laugh with family and friends, to roast hot dogs, to get sunburned, and to give our remaining items to charity. A day to reflect on the past two and a half years in Utah as we enter our last week here.

You know? As difficult as moving is, it's a good thing it keeps you so busy, otherwise I'd have too much time to be emotional. I know this last week is going to fly by and soon we'll be on the road to our next adventure and a new destination to accumulate trash and memories to treasure.

P.S.- For all you haters doggin' on the fanny pack I only break out for yard sales (Yes, I know they are hideously unfashionable, that's what makes it fun!), you will be happy to know I lost my fanny pack. R.I.P. FP!

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  1. Not offended...I just wish I could bring myself to get rid of things that people gave me....Love you lots...


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