Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yup, $96.51 is all I have to my name. We don't have credit cards, our savings was depleted moving across the country, and the hubby's school funding doesn't come in until some time in August. We have approximately two months to get through on the grand sum of $96.51. What's a girl to do?

I don't point this out to evoke pity from you (well, maybe just a little), but to prove that miracles do happen. A financial miracle hasn't yet happened, but some how it will. It has before and it will again. It has to.

Periodically throughout the day I'll feel my heart start to race and my chest tighten. I'll think to myself, "Am I having a heart attack?" Then I'll realize, nope, my subconscious has just remembered our impoverished state and gone into freak out mode. But, quickly a baby's cry or a neighbor's visit will distract my worries for a while. It's funny. It feels like life should stop when you only have $96.51, but it doesn't. Some how it goes on and my family gets through another day.

Despite our interesting monetary situation, we are very lucky. I get to have my hubby home for another month, at which point med school (aka insanity) starts. The kids and I are getting to spend lots of quality time with the hubs. I'm sure when his schooling begins, I'll think, "I'd rather have only 96 bucks and have my hubby home than miss him like crazy!" 

For now I'm just trying to enjoy the time we have together and waiting for a miracle. Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Daddios out there.

PS- I've missed you all. Thank goodness we now have the Internet. Hallelujah!


  1. I think it's time for a Paypal donate button, Jode!

  2. Being serious! I've got a crisp George Washington for ya. ;)

  3. Kel, you are too sweet. I would feel so bad taking your George:).

  4. I'm not taking no for an answer. :)

  5. Such an uplifting post. Last week my husband mentioned calmly that we have about $15 left until this Wednesday. I am beginning to react with less anxiety than usual. But you are right to remind us that I'd rather have my husband and my friends than a million dollars or at least more than $15.
    Well, maybe a million just for some back-up. Ya' know plan B.

  6. Thanks Paula! A million dollar back up or even 100 dollars would be nice:).


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