Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today is off to a challenging start for reasons I can't...or won't disclose (which is hard for me because we all know I usually disclose everything:). Anyway, it's no life or death situation by any means, but a bump in the road keeping me from driving smoothly through the rest of the day (Don't you love my ever so deep metaphors?).

I am trying. Trying to be productive parallel to the distraction this bump brings. I take care of the kids, clean something, pay a bill, and then remember my problem again. The hard part of this particular challenge is that I feel unable to fix it. I'm a go-getter (aka- controlling, but I prefer go-getter) so I'm struggling to just move on. I guess all I can do is do my best. After that...it's out of my hands.

On another note, Anna Marie (Remember? Our awesome neighbor) struck again. A couple days ago she dropped off a big box full of Barbies and accessories for Sassafras. She knocked her cheerful knock, Sassafras opened the door, and Anna Marie said, "Here you go. Have fun!" And she left before anyone could say thank you.

Soon after, the floor was littered with unrealistically proportioned half naked Barbies and hot pink spandex outfits. Even the Commander joined in the fun, though he would only touch the Ken dolls because they weren't quite as girly. It wasn't long before I heard phrases such as, "I can see the bump where Ken's privates are supposed to be," and "Barbie has big boobies," exit the Commander's mouth (Boys and boobs- From birth to death that's all they think about:). Of course Sassafras the prude replied with, "Don't be rude!" which only made her brother snicker. Oh the joys of inaccurate anatomy lessons we've all received from Barbie.

Okay, I got a little side tracked there. My point is that Anna Marie once again brought a simple joy into our home and simple is all kids need. These Barbies are not the prettiest. Some have their hair chopped off, others have a mismatched head, far to big for their body, but my kids don't care. They love putting the hand made seventies clothing on the dolls and playing make believe.

As I sat and watched them play with these dolls, I reminded myself how good simple is. Simply spending time together. Simply enjoying the material possessions I already have instead of wanting more. Simply spending time with family. Simply being like Anna Marie and finding joy in serving others.

Take note friends and try to simplify your life. Stop running, running, running and filling your life with unnecessary things.

All my love to you and giant thanks to all of you who have helped us during this time of transition.


  1. That's so funny about your kid's remarks while playing with the barbies! I'm glad you have such a nice neighbor! I hope your challenge will be over soon.

  2. You know... you are so right, Maybe it's time to simplify my children's life, they are beginning to become ungrateful.
    Kids are the cutest and the things they say are just amazing to me.


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