Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello friends! I had a nice day today despite my night of tossing and turning in the heat (No air conditioning is miserable!). Because I feel happy, I want to pass on some happiness to you (read on beyond the ramblings for your reward).

Normally, shopping with the hubby is a big no no. He hates it so, I end up feeling like I have to hurry, thus ruining the experience all together. Needless to say, we rarely shop in tandem. But, today we took the kids to Goodwill to look for some needed household items and hit the jack pot (Don't knock Goodwill shopping til you've tried it).

My awesome hubby found a sweet dresser with great bones that we can refurbish. It's no beauty at the moment, but in my head it is:). Bonus, it was half off. We also found a chair with good potential to use at our desk (which also needs a face lift:), Gap clothes for the baby boss, a giant Optimus Prime for the Commander, a talking baby doll for Sassafras, a new Brita Water Filter Pitcher, and much more. Most of it was half off so we got the whole lot for chump change (which is good, because that's all we chumps have:).

After dinner, I heard Sassafras exclaim, "LOOK! FIREFLIES!" Hubby and the Commander got super excited and ran to the window. I just smiled to myself. You see, the hubby grew up in Utah where there are no fireflies (aka lightning bugs) and he is totally fascinated by them. My kids have never seen them before so, tonight was a momentous occasion. I pulled out the video camera and recorded their sweet innocence as they chased and caught these summer time critters. I admit, they are one of my favorites as well:).

So, I sit here on a firefly and shopping high and want you to feel the same. I have an awesome discount for you. A 30% discount in fact.

This discount is for one of my all time favorite shops:

Click the above image for awesomeness.
Colette Paperie is more than your average stationary shop. It's hilariously creative cards for those occasions outside the norm. It's beautiful stationary, personalized calling cards and labels, invitations, post-its, and so much more. Trust me, you will have a blast perusing sweet swag. 

My oh so talented friend Keli was kind enough to offer a 30% discount to only you, my DHBH readers. Why? Because she's cool like that. Just enter DHBHRULES at check out. Go have some fun ogling her beautiful, and often hilarious paper products. Here are a few of my favorites.

Okay, I'd better stop. I really can't pick favorites. I love them all. So, go here and shop til you drop! And don't forget to use DHBHRULES at check out for your hefty discount.

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  1. You go girl... I LOVE GOOD WILL, as matter of fact it's about time to take another trip there it's been a while. Did you guys get settled in? or did I miss that post? I'll go back and read trough them I was gone for a while....


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