Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today I had some business in the city in a part of town I wouldn't normally go. Not the safest of places, but it was necessary. My errand required me to take a number and wait among some...um...interesting individuals.

After sitting somewhat uncomfortably for a while, I found myself analyzing the people around me and thinking to myself, "What possesses a man to have a permed mullet and bushy handlebar mustache? If he can take so much time grooming his do, could he take a moment to apply some deodorant?" and "Why is that woman with the missing tooth talking so darn loud?" 

The two women sitting directly in front of me were speaking in a sort of slang gibberish that I couldn't understand (Believe me. I tried.) and the man next to me was speaking clearly, but to himself.

As my course of judgement continued, I realized I was being quite a harsh critic (aka- judgmental jerk). I was ashamed of myself. I looked down at my workout clothes and soaked in the fact that I didn't look so hot either.

"Number 10!" a lady shouted from a window. It was my number and I was temporarily shaken from my thoughts of shame. My errand complete, I walked outside and as I entered my car, a father and his young daughter were about to exit theirs. The car was old and covered in rust spots. My gaze followed those rust spots from bottom to top and stopped at the driver's side window where the father was.

The scene surprised me. The man was gently brushing his daughter's long blond hair and she was smiling admiringly at him. He laid the brush down and they got out of the car. As the father got out he smiled kindly at me showing his far from perfect teeth. But, something had changed and his appearance didn't matter to me.

Tears came to my eyes and I took this valuable lesson to heart. Rich or poor, dirty or clean, educated or not... most people are just trying to do the best they can under the circumstances life gives them.

I watched father and daughter walk hand in hand to the building entrance and drove home.

I consider myself a good person, but my judgments today caused me to ask myself who I am when I'm left alone with my thoughts. It's human to initially judge someone, but it's important to alter judgments that just aren't, well, ...just.

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